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As iconic as movies, Mean Girls landed on Netflix so we could all scroll the streaming site for hours before heading to the 900 Landing on the film again I can’t wait

Mean Girls is on Netflix, let’s repeat, Mean Girls is on Netflix, this is not an exercise, and our very sensible lifelong dream of 24/7 access to the most famous movie of all time has finally come true

While we are done celebrating the fact that we are now able to have the world’s best one-liners making us sleep every night, we think it’s time to bring you some incredible trivia out of the Serving a movie you are kicking you for not knowing before

We’re giving you a second to pull this fact through your brain – because it’s mind-boggling

They’re not just two of the most infamous films of the 2000s and very different genres, Rachel, who was 25 when she made them, looks like two completely different people in each movie!

From Allie Hamilton, the cutest character ever, to the incarnation of Satan himself, Regina George (just kidding, we have a huge soft spot for the queen of plastics)

A tweet that went viral quickly pointed out the fact, and we’re surprised so many people didn’t know it was the same person playing both characters – come on folks, fill up your trivia a bit more on

Rachel McAdams really gave us The Notebook and Mean Girls as a gift that same year. Only Legends ImageTwittercom / AvJJUINLWH

Cady’s teacher, the tumultuous Ms. Norbury is the genius of the entire film and Saturday Night Live legend, comedian and actress Tina Fey

The script was Tina’s first attempt at writing a script, and let’s face it, it couldn’t have gone much better, right?

Amy Poehler, her SNL co-star, BFF, longtime associate and star of Parks and Recreation, also plays Regina’s mother and literally doesn’t look like her in real life

Tina Fey revealed that the characters’ names in the film are taken from real people she has met in life as it is “just easier”

For example, Cady Heron was inspired by her college roommate, someone named Cady Garey, and Damian was inspired by her high school friend of the same name

Just knowing that this is one thing made us 10% happier for the rest of our lives

Tina Fey has confirmed that the star of the show, Glenn Coco, who has possibly the least screen time for the most famous of all time, is named after a friend of her older brother

The real Glenn Coco works as a film editor in Los Angeles, and the most important thing we need to know is whether he’s kept his name because life can be quite tiring

Lindsay eventually took on the role of Cady after auditioning for Regina, which suited the star well as she was allegedly concerned about getting a bad rap for playing the infamous Queen Bee

She lost the role of Gretchen to Lacey Chabert and was probably the best when she became the infamous Sharpay in High School Musical, which came out the same year as Mean Girls 2006!

In addition to auditioning for the role of Karen, Blake reached the “final screen tests,” which is quite a long way off However, the producers have decided to “keep looking” which is a slight burn

On the other hand, she appeared just a year later in 2007 as Serena van der Woodsen, the main character in Gossip Girl – so we don’t feel bad about her!

Saturday Night’s live comedian and living legend Tina was inspired to put pen on paper after taking inspiration from the self-help book Queen Bees & Wannabes: Help Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Friends & Other Realities of Youth

Even if that were a fabricated fact – which it isn’t – you wouldn’t just believe it from the title of the book, which perfectly sums up the movie’s entire premise

Mean Girls

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