Posted: 22:02 GMT, Jan. December 2020 | Updated: 22:43 GMT, Jan. December 2020

The 25-year-old Essex boy delighted Gregg Wallace, Marcus Wareig and Monica Galetti as well as food critics with a fishy main course and an indulgent chocolate dessert

He grabbed the title and beat Dutch-born Bart Van Der Lee (33) and Nepalese chef Santosh Shah (35)

After a tough week, the final three were asked to create and deliver a Michelin standard dish to eight international culinary titans working in the UK today, followed by the main task of delivering a three course meal, that has to be judged by critics

The winner said he was thrilled with the news that made him celebrate the 14th birthday professional chef who was awarded the prestigious title. Last year it went to Stu Deeley from Birmingham

Alex Webb, 25, from Essex, is 14 years old Chef winning the prestigious MasterChef: The Professionals competition tonight

‘It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Going away with the trophy is amazing. I’m so proud,’ said Alex

His last menu had all of his “heart and soul on one plate,” he told the judges

The starter was a scallop ceviche with artichoke and pickled pear tartare, yogurt foam, parsley powder, and crispy capers coated with watercress oil

Marcus was impressed when he said to Alex: “You are very brave. The watercress oil is a point of genius, it is a pleasure. I could eat that all day”

Alex impressed the show with his menu that displayed his “heart and soul” and was rewarded for his unique flavors

For his ‘fabulous’ main course, the chef went for a fried trout with parsnip chips, parsnip coleslaw, roasted parsnip, parsley gel and parsnip puree, finished with a clam, caviar and cream sauce, served with a mini potato fish pie with caviar and parsley powder

Alex went to his dessert with a dome made of white chocolate and passion fruit, passion fruit pearls, a feuilletin and dark chocolate based prosecco sorbet, served with a passion fruit cocktail and passion fruit powder party poppers

His chocolate and passion fruit dessert earned him the praise of Gregg Wallace, who said, “I have nothing to do here but lay praise on your lap, for me you covered yourself with fame with this dessert ‘” / p>

Commenting on Alex ‘victory, Marcus praised the “brilliant” chef who “cooked beyond his years” and shone with his “thirst for knowledge”

Monica said, “Alex’s food has a sassy sense of humor There’s a bit of Alex’s youth that shows up in his kitchen which makes it very different, and I really enjoyed that ‘

The chef relied on parsnips to bring out the flavor of his pan trout for his last main course on the show

“He combines good cooking with style and theater and sets many standards when it comes to brilliant food,” he added

Alex was born and raised in Essex and works as the head chef in the restaurant where he started out as a pot washer when he was 15

When he won Masterchef’s professional competition, “all his chef’s dreams came true,” he said

After graduating from Westminster Kingsway College, Alex was heavily influenced by his Essex colleague Jamie Oliver and current boss Spencer Hewitt

As a starter, he carefully cut pieces of scallop, which he served with artichoke and pickled pear tartare, yogurt foam, parsley powder and crispy capers with watercress oil

When speaking of his experience on the BBC One show, Alex said he decided to enter the competition to see how far he could go

‘Winning is something I’ll always be very proud of. I really wanted it and all the blood sweat and tears and sleepless nights paid off,’ he said

Since his future is bright, the chef said he wanted to enjoy the moment and make the most of the opportunities that presented themselves

“I have a lot of ideas for a book and I really enjoyed the experience of being in front of the camera I would like to see if it is possible to do more of this, “he said

‘I will continue to work in the restaurant I do now and I would love to keep learning and developing. Then hopefully one day I can realize my big dream of owning my own restaurant,’ he added

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