Shearer discussed Premier League hardmen and a former Newcastle United trio that emerged in conversation

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If you think of the Premier League hardmen, Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer wouldn’t be that high on the list

But the Magpies’ record scorer has been tasked with picking his own top 10 hardmen in the latest episode of the BBC Match of the Day: Top 10 Podcast This led him to remember some of United’s most famous tough guys from the League-era

In addition to hosts Gary Lineker and former Manchester City and England defender Micah Richards, the trio beat some of the toughest characters in the Premier League

It led to Shearer discussing Joey Barton’s management and starring alongside David Batty and Duncan Ferguson on Tyneside

“It was disappointing because we had Nicky Butt and Kevin Nolan in midfield who were great guys, brilliant professionals, but didn’t have many legs anymore

“We needed legs in midfield and Joey was injured in the first four games as a manager. Four games to go we were supposed to play Liverpool and I said to him earlier this week,” How’s it going? You’re training with the first one again Crew and I am thinking about using you ‘

“Practice went very well and I decided to add him to the team. We were beaten before Liverpool. They hit the post, the bar – it should have been seven or eight zero

“We lost 3-0 and I wanted to take it off five minutes before the end. Instead, he decided to look for Xabi Alonso in front of the head

“Straight red card so I had him for about an hour and he couldn’t play the last three games because he was banned

“There was a big fight in the locker room and I never saw it again. He fought with himself”

“He was the original midfield player who took this position to sit in front of the back four

“You talk about Claude Makelele and those players who can sit and defend and give you a bit of protection, and he was brilliant at it

“He could play, great touches, had a number of passes, but I always got the impression with Batts that he didn’t really love football

“You could never accuse him of not giving everything because he always did. But he was the last in training and the first away. He came in his training kit and sometimes stopped showering afterwards. He would just get in his car jump and be away

“He was one of those people who never had to stretch out. He would come and ping balls within 10 seconds of walking on a training ground, which I never could

“He was a great boy, Batts Nice to have him on your team. I’ve been to Blackburn and Newcastle with him and he won the league in Leeds

The recent aftermath of the long-running Newcastle United takeover saga was not just talk of Tyneside, but talk of the football world as well

Now Steve Bruce has to remember his team and move forward without the change of ownership and new support

The twists and turns are not over yet, however Current owner Mike Ashley “is considering all options” after the Premier League refused to take over £ 300m

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“I was in Newcastle with Big Dunc and you know when someone has an aura about her? He was present when he walked in and how big he was

“He had that reputation and didn’t disappoint. He would just give you one look. If looks could kill, he would kill you with one look

“I don’t know anyone in the game who doesn’t think this of them. You could see the fear in the eyes of the defenders standing in the tunnel

“It was great for me to fight with him by my side because I think most of the defenders were petrified to get near him

“He could fight the best, he could fight the best, and he wasn’t playable in the air

“What a good player he was. His touch I remember he played in the half round against Man United at the St James’ Park scored an incredible volley

“He was the toughest. He wouldn’t be afraid of anything or anyone, and if there was one house you didn’t want to burglar, it would be Big Dunc!”

Duncan Ferguson

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