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Adam Henson, 54, announced that his countryfile co-star Ellie Harrison, 43, was “really emotional” after fighting desperately to save the life of a newborn lamb on the show last week The Cotswolds Farmer revealed how at that moment there was “pressure” to save the animal’s life

Adam told Expresscouk: “She got quite emotional as the pressure was on her to make sure it stayed alive while I lambed the second

“Though I also feel the pressure and tension it kind of showed her and the viewer what the farmers go through all day and all night when you lame, you know,” he added

The veteran farmer said that moment that went viral online showed the public how stressful it can be to deliver animals

He continued: “We are there to do our best to keep animals fit and healthy

“Yes, it’s great that you [Countryfile] have shown that there is a lot of feedback on the program on moments like this”

In the traumatic scenes aired on the BBC, the animal seemed to breathe first, but it was touch and go

Ellie could be seen shivering as she tried to hold back her tears as she watched

Adam wasted no time resuscitating the lamb and thankfully he managed to get the sheep to lick their baby and to get the little one to breathe after turning the ewe around

In the tense atmosphere, Ellie Adam shared, “Oh my god, I feel really choked up. It was just so stressful

“Oh my god my gosh I can’t believe you made it oh my word What a relief, what a relief”

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“I’m not sure I was sobbing [any help] in the corner! That was so stressful. I’m laughing now, but I cried a second ago”

The drama took place during the Countryfile Lambing Special, which originally started last Sunday the 14th March, aired on the BBC

The birth began quietly before Adam was forced to call Ellie for help when he noticed a lamb was stuck during the birth

Incredible, he managed to get the lamb back into the womb of the ewe before the sheep successfully gave birth to it and its twin

Viewers took to Twitter after seeing the heartbreaking scenes play out, and many commented on how it led to tears

One tweeted, “This was an amazing episode of #countryfile Adam literally shoved a lam (sic) back into his womb so he could detach his legs from his twin”

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Ellie Harrison

World News – GB – Adam Henson addresses Ellie Harrison’s tears in the country file lamb segment “Pressure on”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1411810/adam-henson-ellie-harrison-crying-lambing-sheep-birth-news-latest-update