These were the deserted scenes when Tamworth and all of Staffordshire officially entered Tier 4 this morning

The government announced yesterday that the county will go from three to four due to the surge in cases of Covid-19, along with a host of others

And on New Year’s Eve, our streets were barely populated. Our photos and videos show people adhering to the new government rules and guidelines

Tamworth’s Covid chief Jeremy Oates said: “This comes as close as possible to a national lockdown, but at a regional level”Don’t go out, stay at home, protect yourself and everyone else

â ???? It’s disappointing because I think we were on the cusp, but the difficulty is that it comes down to hospital capacity as well as other measures and hospital capacity is always a week behind case rates. If someone tests positive today, it’s likely that it takes him a week to get to the hospital i think this is more about this site than our infection rate

???? Cases are on the rise, and have been for a few weeks, but we’re not escalating like London’s Staffordshire, no Tamworth wards fall in the top 20 percent of case rates and no hotspots are suggested for Tamworth, which is good news

“At the end of November and beginning of December we had a certain lull and got very low Hopefully this will go down again and we can check back pretty quickly

â ???? Right now it’s a test and trial period for many companies I really feel for them and their employees because it’s another kick right now as we head into the new year

â ???? With two vaccines available and now Tier 4 we are going to see some rapid changes in the next three months, certainly by summer I would hope to be in a much better place and we can start rebuildingâ ????

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher said: “I am obviously disappointed that Staffordshire is moving up to Tier 4 along with over 75 percent of the country”This new strain of Covid is incredibly virulent and can easily be transmitted from person to person

â ???? This is why case rates are rising across the country In Tamworth, the number of cases rose by over 20 percent in the seven days leading up to Christmas and in Lichfield by over 50 percent. Seven days is a very short time for such a large increase If we could add a short time longer wait, the number of infections could get out of control

???? Admissions to hospitals are growing rapidly, with nearly 22 across the UK right now000 people in hospital with this terrible virus

â ???? I continued to meet with the Minister of Health every week to review the dates in Tamworth and Staffordshire, as well as with the Minister of Vaccines on how we can ensure Tamworth is getting all of the vaccines it needs

???? The new vaccines are important, they will be our passport to freedom and our passport to recovery. It was just this morning that we received excellent news that the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine was approved in the UK

â ???? We have an order big enough for 50 million people and unlike the Pfizer vaccine, the new UK vaccine doesn’t need super cold temperatures to be stored.We can be proud of UK science and look forward to this virus too stop

â ???? Please continue to make your contribution; Stay home, keep washing your hands and fight the virusâ ????

· Stay Home You must not leave your home unless you have a “reasonable excuse” like work, education, important purchases or medical appointments

· In general, you are not allowed to meet socially, but you can exercise or meet up in an outdoor public place with people you live with, your support bubble, or with another person

· · You are not allowed to socialize with another household indoors unless it is part of your support bubble

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