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In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, everyone should have received either a letter with a 16-digit code or a paper form for the 2021 Census There are many good reasons why we should respond to the census other than being required by law Among other things, this is a great way to get an accurate overview of your community This means that local employees get the services they need

The census is a fascinating data set that is vital to many areas of research and government decision-making.It gives us a census of the population, but also a wide range of demographic data such as age, gender, family relationships, socio-economic information , ethnocultural background, health and some voluntary issues including religious identity and sexuality

This is the first census most people have to take online, however some have received paper forms in the mail while others have just received a letter asking them to complete the census online, although the mechanics of the census may seem complex , the reasons for this are actually quite simple

Who gets a letter, who gets a form and why? The Office for National Statistics (ONS) (which coordinates the census) has tried to determine who is getting what by assessing which households are likely to find it impossible or more difficult to respond to the census online These households (around 10% of all households) received a paper form Everyone else received a letter with a code asking them to fill out the form online However, it is important to note that once you have received a form, you will still be able to respond online When you have received a letter you can request a paper form if you wish)

There are a number of good reasons to fill out your form online This saves the ONS time and money compiling the results and means we can get more accurate data

You may be thinking, “What about my aunt Muriel who received a letter? She doesn’t use the internet. Why doesn’t she have a form? “This is because the ONS does not know who is able and willing to submit the form online It can only model this based on the data it has

As statistician George Box said, “All models are wrong, but some are useful” When we use information about a group of people to make judgments about the people in that group, we call it an ecological error ONS has modeled who will (and who will not) respond online, some errors will occur due to cases that contradict the model, even if that puts 95% of people in the correct group

For those who the ONS has deemed unable or unwilling to complete the census form online, there are some who do not meet these criteria and vice versa, which is why the ONS has included a code on the forms if you know someone who needs a form but is having trouble requesting a form, you can request one on their behalf

How did the ONS model this information? The ONS usually creates a “hard to count” index to measure who may not respond to the census (also used for the 2001 and 2011 censuses) The 2021 census is different, however, as it is being conducted “online first” for the first time This means that the ONS also had to include the digitally excluded in its index

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> This has been combined with information on who has already interacted with government websites (ex B. via the DVLA and the HMRC)

This data was used to create an area-based model where each area was either assessed to be able to conduct the census online or paper forms were required, along with many other aspects of the census in the large sample of the ONS tested and refined for the 2019 census

The online census form is quick and easy to fill out.It takes about ten minutes per household plus ten minutes for each person.If you’ve ever renewed your passport or driver’s license online, you will find that filling out the census is very similar to you can complete the survey (online or by mail) as soon as you receive your code You don’t have to be until the 21st Wait March If something changes by then, you can always update your information

Completing the census is required by law and you can be fined up to 1£ 000 will be charged if you don’t complete it.This is because the data needs to be as complete as possible to be useful

There are many more details on the ONS website, especially in their articles which document the methods of conducting the census, the “Difficult to Count” and “Maximizing the Response” articles so make sure you read the Complete the census, whether you opt for an online or a paper version, this is our best chance to understand ourselves as a population, after all

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