A teacher who was dismissed after allowing students to watch a video about suicide in the classroom will be allowed to return to work at his school in Western Australia

The teacher was immediately suspended last month after a video of a man committing suicide was watched by more than half a dozen students at Busselton High School

This came just a day after a warning was issued to teachers and parents that the video containing distressing content was circulating on the TikTok social media platform

The Department of Education has since conducted a review of the incident and said that even if the behavior was not acceptable, the teacher would be allowed to return to work

“It is not acceptable for any teacher to allow students to post inappropriate content while they are in class,” said executive director of professional standards and conduct, Fiona Hunt

“The affected teacher was reprimanded and ordered to undergo remedial training before returning to class to teach the students

“We expect our teachers to uphold the highest standards of professional and personal integrity while students are in their care”

Although he called the teacher’s actions “completely inappropriate,” Washington State Public School Teachers Union president Pat Byrne said letting the teacher return to work was the right decision

“It’s pragmatic in the sense that we don’t want to destroy a teacher’s career because of what was an error in judgment,” she said

“There is always a point, there is always a case where a student may put you about to ask you to do something you are not prepared for

“I don’t think there was any intention to do anything wrong from the teacher’s point of view”

“Now that this has appeared, it will be part of people’s consciousness and it will be something that could be mentioned during the training,” she said.

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World News – UA – Teacher Who Allowed Students To View TikTok Suicide Video May Return To Work

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-30/busselton-teacher-back-to-work-after-suicide-video-slip-up/12828252