Saturday October 31, 2020

(Reuters) – Concerns over social distancing measures prompted police and public health officials to temporarily halt proceedings during the first half of the Shute Shield final between Gordon and Eastwood in Sydney on Saturday

Eastwood was leading 5-3 after Club Sydney’s 15 minutes at Leichhardt Oval when play was halted after officials found supporters too close to each other on Wayne Pearce Hill on the east side of the pitch , the Sydney Morning Herald reported

“We need the people on the hill to start dispersing COVID Marshal has put the game on hiatus,” the Sydney Morning Herald said, quoted by an announcer, telling the crowd of 5,000

“This is subject to the strict guidelines of New South Wales Health We have to lay down on the hill or we cannot continue the game Please help us here”

Gordon recovered to win the game 28-8 after stopping five minutes to win his first league title since 1998

Police closely monitored proceedings and prevented fans from running onto the field at the end of the contest, with the report indicating that a supporter who managed to give the leaflet to officers was quickly caught and escorted

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