Flemington on the day of the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s biggest race, once again yesterday proved to be the mecca of the multitude If the pouring rain shower that fell shortly after lunch didn’t not threatening to curb the social spirit, he came fortunately too late to divert the crowd Flemington, and so the hill, stands and lawns and platforms were crowded with cheerful people from any part of the continent

There is nothing like knowing that a big favorite is out on the court to attract men and women who like to see a great race well run, but the wider day-to-day look of the race. Cup is its social appeal For most of the year a community lives to a large extent in watertight compartments Flemington, the second Tuesday in November, however is the natural environment for trade, thrust and parade of l humor in social relations If you tell Flemington a thread or a joke, especially after the Cup race, it must be a good The veteran of the race, who remembers the scene of the rifle, carrying 10 st 5 lb in a area which has become a national idol, is listened with rapt attention the man bettor or woman who can lose with a smile and win with an acclaimed keynote sings in a beautiful holiday choir

Caution was the feminine hallmark of fashions, and the coats and furs that dominated the walk-in closet didn’t seem to mask the variety of colors that lent mirth to the parade under the Vu hill from the saddlery paddock, where Phar Lap and his many rivals chestnuts marched past their admirers before the race, the course presented a touching spectacle With the limbs sprinkled man lawn in the foreground, the hill, where Flemington’s spirit dwells in festive mood, suggested something of what the an old Roman amphitheater one could imagine was like when the gods were smiling on mortals that make carnival

But the race is imminent Fifteen horses race on the track for all to admire and criticize them They head for the barrier that returns from the track to the training ground There is a lull in the conversation “They are gone ! ” It was a good start

Spectators crane neck them for a view of their fantasies The small field quickly form a consolidated group on track Temptation leads the way, and after a short distance was executed, Phar Lap is also in the van While horses slam in front of the main crowd, there is relatively little mud flying off the grassy turf On the flat, the crowd moves from place to place This is the only part of the field where freedom of movement is unlimited They running in all directions, these people, in a kind of civil riot, which relates to a changing view of the race

The field gallops round except Al discriminating see their fantasies lead in the straight that mass of heads horse flesh coated gloss and tense, the horse of the prominent time, preparing to run Shadow King, the gelding Bay Comedy King is with him, and the general framework of Second Wind is observed among the leaders

With a powerfully measured gallop, Phar Lap going ahead Cries and screams are deafening admiration This beautiful horse has found a cherished place in the imagination of people Twice favorite for the Melbourne Cup – he wins not a crazy gallop, but a final speed unbeatable He wins with second Wind and King of the second and third Shadow

A great joy up the gorge of the multitude Because the race is over The favorite has won the last horse to second place justified his name all there, in fact, have gloriously ran their second Melbourne Cup

Phar Lap, makybe diva

News from around the world – UA – From the archives, 1930: Phar Lap’s greatest triumph, the Melbourne Cup

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