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Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk has won the Queensland election, making her the first female party leader in the state to win three elections

Addressing a room of supporters at party headquarters, Ms Palaszczuk said she was confident she could get a majority government and said she was “deeply honored” to be prime minister for the four coming years

“For many people in Queensland I know this has been a difficult year, it has been difficult not being able to see your family and friends in other states, or even all over the world, as we have been in the middle of a global pandemic, “she says

“But here in Queensland we have all stood strong and united, and together we are on top of the pandemic

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will return this respect to you every day”

“I would like to congratulate the Leader of the Opposition on what I think has been a very good campaign,” said Ms Palaszczuk

“I think people could say it was a much more respectful debate than what we have seen in the past”

Ms Frecklington said she was proud of the campaign she waged and respected the wishes of voters in Queensland

“I don’t always agree with the Prime Minister, but I respect her as an opponent and as a head of state,” she said

“The people of Queensland have now made their decision and I thank each of them for voting and standing up for our democracy”

She urged the Prime Minister to take action to grow the state’s economy, create jobs and support the regions

“I will continue to play my role in the National Liberal Party and I will continue to be the leader of this great party,” said Ms Frecklington

The electoral victory ends an electoral battle lasting nearly four weeks against the leader of the LNP, dominated by the management of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout

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