Thank you for joining us for 9Newscomau live coverage of the Queensland Election 2020, with Annastacia Palaszczuk returning as Prime Minister Scroll down the blog to find out how an extraordinary night turned out is held

Thank you for joining us for our coverage of the Queensland Election 2020 We will have more on Weekend Today, and of course 24/7 on 9newscomau

Nine projects Labor will claim 50 seats, two more than the number needed to form a majority government

“This is an extraordinary result and Annastacia Palaszczuk is portrayed in the history books as one of the great Labor heroes”

LNP QLD leader congratulated the Prime Minister on his victory and thanked the people of Queensland

“I do not always agree with the Prime Minister but I respect her as an opponent and as the head of our state,” she said

“I especially respect the voters of Queensland and we have the privilege of living in this democracy

MS Frecklington says she plans to continue leading LNP QLD despite tonight’s election defeat

“I will continue to play my role in the National Liberal Party and I will continue to be the leader of this great party,” she said

The Prime Minister thanked her supporters and the people of Queensland who she said had gone through a difficult year with coronavirus restrictions

“I know during this election there are a lot of people in Queensland who voted for the very first time,” she said

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will return this respect to you every day”

Peter Dutton says LNP sabotage led to Deb Frecklington’s apparent decisive defeat in Queensland election

The Federal Interior Minister said it was “very clear” that detailed misleading information had been leaked during the campaign to negatively impact the TNL leader

“There were obviously a few unfortunate points where she was sabotaged by some in our own ranks so that was unfortunate,” he said.

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