Among the many intertwined relationships found in Season 4 of The Crown is the relationship between Princess Margaret and Derek Jennings, also known as Dazzle, who started Episode 7 by telling her that he is joining the priesthood in real life, Jennings became a priest, but It’s unclear if he actually had an affair with Princess Margaret before doing so.There is a lot of evidence that the two were close friends, but it appears that Jennings’ interest in the princess may have been more spiritual than physical because he hoped to convert her to Roman Catholicism

Regarding the context, the British royal family is a follower of the Church of England, which has much in common with Catholicism but does not recognize the Pope as having any authority. The family separated from the Roman Church in the sixteenth century because King Henry VIII wanted to annul his marriage and marry someone else. But the Pope at the time refused to grant it So Henry decided to become the head of his religion – the Church of England – of which Queen Elizabeth II is now de facto leader.

Jennings grew up in the Church of England and worked as a civil servant in the British government’s Department of the Environment. However, he later converted to Catholicism and became so smitten with his newfound faith that he decided to join the priesthood by then, he had already become friends with Princess Margaret: Irish art historian Homan wrote Butterton in his diary Who do you think I am? That Jennings “dazzled” the princess and “became one of her close friends” and the duo’s friendship did not end when Dazzle became a priest, as it does in The Crown

According to author Noel Botham’s book Margaret: The Last Real Princess, Margaret wanted to convert to Catholicism but was unworthy of it out of loyalty to Elizabeth it was Dazzle who encouraged her to make the change, and went so far as to arrange a meeting between Margaret and Catholic Cardinal George Basil Hume At a dinner party in 1988, Jennings said that Margaret described the night she met Hume as “one of the most satisfying, wonderful and satisfying nights of her life,” according to the Catholic leader.

Margaret did not convert in the end, nothing indicates that she was in a physical relationship with Dazzle but it definitely looks like they have a spiritual connection

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