Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, a Republican campaigning for a high-stakes runoff election that could determine control of the Senate, is isolating after testing positive for coronavirus on Friday night and An inconclusive result was achieved on Saturday, said an election spokesman

Ms. Loeffler wore masks when dealing with people, but was inside and exposed among the exposed crowds at an event on Thursday.She wore a mask when she greeted the voters who lined up to meet her

One of them was a rapid test that came back negative, and Ms. Loeffler was “cleared” Friday to attend events including a rally with Vice President Mike Pence and Senator David Perdue of Georgia, Mr. Lawson said But the second test, a polymerase chain reaction, or P.C.R., Test – which is believed to be more accurate – came back with a positive result after its events on Friday night, he said

Woman 49-year-old Loeffler was retested Saturday morning and received an “inconclusive” result on Saturday night, Lawson said

The Senator followed CD.C. Guidelines by notifying those she’s been in contact with while waiting for more test results, he said

Ms. Loeffler recently held events with prominent Republicans including Mr. Pence, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and Mr. Perdue, who is also involved in runoff elections that could determine control of the Senate

“She has no symptoms and will continue to follow C.C. Guidelines through quarantine until re-exam is final at which point an update is provided, “said Mr Lawson said in a statement

Ms. Loeffler, a businesswoman who is the richest member of the Senate, was temporarily appointed to her Senate seat late last year.She becomes the Rev. towards DR Raphael G Warnock, a Democrat, in an election on Jan. 5 If Georgia voters will also choose between Mr. Perdue and his opponent Jon Ossoff, a Democrat

Kelly Loeffler

World News – Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is in isolation after testing positive for the virus