A woman had a wild fox climb onto her shoulders and chew her ponytail while sitting on her own doorstep

Elaine McCreadie is used to being visited by the creature – she called sake – when she returns home after caring for her horse in Lanarkshire, Scotland

When the 50-year-old turned into her driveway, she sat down with the fox as usual, but was surprised when it began to climb on her shoulders

As she started filming the encounter, Sake suddenly started sniffing her blonde hair before gnawing at her ponytail until Elaine’s husband Stevie stepped out the front door

After Elaine shared her footage on social media, most were amazed at what they saw, although some feared interacting with a wild animal in this way could put it at risk

However, she defended her clip, claiming that the encounters were instigated by the fox and that she would never allow it in her house

Elaine said, “This was the first time sake had played with my hair like this. She will sit with me regularly, but she had never climbed on me

“She gnaws on my slippers when she’s sitting with me, and I was worried she might do the same to my hair, but she didn’t

“She’s very tame. She’s been coming to our home for years I think we first saw her four years ago when she was a cub However, she has been here regularly since 2019

“She pops up every night when I come back from caring for my horse in the yard. It’s almost like she knows when my car will turn up at home”

One person said, “Please do not encourage this. Let wild animals be careful. Not all humans are nice”

Another commenter said, “As much as I would love it if this happened to me (and I’m a little jealous), it makes me uneasy about how tame she is

“I’m rural and I think this is an urban fox that seems happier to be with people”

In response, Elaine said, “I wouldn’t recommend making friends with a fox. She’s very tame with me, but she did most of the heavy lifting in getting close to me

“She’s also not allowed inside, as she sprays everywhere, like she does when she marks her territory outside

“She’s happy to touch you but doesn’t want to be touched. Sometimes she lets me play with her cock, but not for too long

“I don’t believe in leaving out food for her, but when I see her I’ll give her something, whether it’s cat food or something else

“She seems used to human interaction now. She will take food out of your hands without fear. She is also not afraid when we have visitors in the garden.

“If we see her in the bushes carrying something, we will call her and she will happily go to us and show what she has in her mouth”

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