users could not send or receive messages and instead only received a loading message

The problems started simultaneously across the Facebook family of apps and are likely related to the shared infrastructure on which they are all based

WhatsApp nominally operates a Twitter account with status reporting issues with the platform, but hasn’t released an update since 2014. None of the other official reports have acknowledged the issues

Facebook operates a “platform status” page aimed primarily at developers using their tools for their own products, this page also did not reflect the outage

Facebook has worked to more closely integrate the various platforms – WhatsApp as well as Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger – in order to communicate and share functions with one another. Critics have also stated that this would make a possible separation of the company and its apps more difficult / p>

The tight integration has also resulted in the company being hit by a series of outages with all apps shutting down at the same time

In March 2019, they went down for more than a day, making it the largest outage for the company in its recent history.These issues affected not only the messaging apps but also the Oculus virtual reality platform and other apps like Spotify and Tinder using Facebook’s login tools

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Weltnachrichten – GB – WhatsApp has stopped working with widespread failure of social media