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Phillip Schofield (58) and Holly Willoughby (40) were joined by Janina as Fallout from Meghan Markle (39), and Prince Harry’s (36) interview with Oprah Winfrey (67) continues to send shock waves around the world as the guest of This Morning knows the Duchess of Sussex on a more personal level, the moderators wanted to openly record the two-hour discussion that aired on ITV Monday night, but since it didn’t delve into specific issues, Phillip had to wonder why she was on the When they got into an uncomfortable conflict, the program was up

After discussing Meghan’s mental health and claims of racism in the royal family, Phillip asked his guest, “Did you talk to her about getting on the show today?”

“Are you excited (for you) to speak today?” He added, to which Janina replied: “We are all happy, we are living in a new era

“I said I don’t speak for you, I speak for myself,” she continued, whereupon the host said, “I’m not quite sure what you’re saying because we were watching this two hour documentary

“That was incredibly important and very insightful and opened up some incredibly important topics for us as a nation, for the monarchy, for the institution

“So that we look at ourselves, so that they look at themselves and think,” Where did we go wrong here and how can we correct that? “

“I don’t know what role you will play today,” explained Phillip when he felt he had learned nothing new about the Duchess’s experience as a member of the monarchy

Before she replied, however, he said he understood where she was from when he said, “I would expect any friend of mine to come and do exactly what you do

“To get on TV and be incredibly careful with what you say and practically nothing to say

“So what’s your role today?” he asked again when the tension between the two seemed to appear on the screen

Janina laughed at the probe and then explained: “I am surprised by your questions. I am very happy that this is a new era – things are different

“They can tell the truth, we can tell the truth, and we can finally tell the things that they have [in the interview]

“We can validate her and it’s been a strange week,” she continued before telling the host that three ITV shows tried to get in touch with her this week

To her remarks, Phillip replied, “Three programs came to you because they wanted to know what you were thinking”

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“You are the one in the know,” the host continued, referring to Janina’s personal relationship with Meghan

The guest said a little more openly: “We saw a wall being built around her, and I can personally say Meghan was very angry”

Returning to the question of restraint, the guest stated, “Your producer asked you to be here, but I told them I couldn’t speak for them”

“You know her, that’s why you’re in,” Phillip stepped in again as he tried to get the matter straight before the interview ended

Viewers on Twitter reacted to the uncomfortable clash between the two when one wrote, “@thismorning Give up Phillip, you won’t go down in history if you get an exclusive from Meghan’s boyfriend

“What do you want to know that Meghan hasn’t told you yet? Janina is too smart for you #thismorning #Meghan #janinagavankar,” they continued

A second post: “#ThisMorning Janina is a lovable person and would have wanted to defend her friend – they have been friends for many years

“Of course she can’t give too much away, like betraying her friend or giving a ‘tell all’ She just wanted to support her friend ”

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Janina Gavankar

World news – GB – “What are you saying ?!” Phillip Schofield investigates Meghan’s boyfriend “Why are you here?”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1407973/Phillip-Schofield-Meghan-Markle-friend-Janina-Gavankar-clash-This-Morning-ITV-video