Live team news, grid lines, comment stream, goals and the latest points updates from The Hawthorns when Everton takes on West Brom

Everton returns to the Premier League tonight as they face West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns

The Blues come into play after a hard-fought 1-0 win over Southampton on Monday night and are currently seventh in the Premier League table

Carlo Ancelotti confirmed at his pre-game press conference yesterday afternoon that it has not yet been decided whether James Rodriguez, Allan, Seamus Coleman or Tom Davies will be in the game that evening

Phil Kirkbride and Adam Jones start at 6 p.m. and live on Sky Sports They will provide live updates on the action and give you team news, analysis and responses

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Sigurdsson’s second (?) kick of the game is an absolute beauty to set that up

He’s been so much more creative this season than last season and has scored goals too. Much improved and creditworthy

Sigurdsson’s corner is cleared, but his cross back into the box is headed home by Richarlison A big goal for the Blues

Allan is on for Alex Iwobi. Maybe there will be a formation change for the Blues?

Conor Gallagher beats Godfrey and shoots one straight over the goal Another exit for Carlo Ancelotti

Matheus Pereira turns around on the edge of the penalty area and tries to score the goal, which is saved by the Everton goalkeeper

A little bit better from Everton, at least about to start the second half, getting into the West Brom box and causing a few problems

Perhaps Ancelotti gave them some serious talk at break it seems they certainly needed one after that performance in the first half

You could make a legitimate argument for three or four of these players eliminated at halftime, I think that pretty much sums up how bad 45 minutes has been for the blues

It was a strange half in a way, Everton still had the best chance and it was one that Calvert-Lewin should have hit

There are loopholes in this West Brom side when the blues can only come together

Excellent save within two minutes to keep Diagne’s header off Frustrated Everton leaving too many crosses in the box

Trying to move forward and create, but difficult to remember a time when a pass from a teammate actually found it

Wasted some promising chances of putting crosses in the box. Mostly he was out of pace

Trying to make things happen when he comes back to the page But not yet

Started the game strong, won the ball back, then put it in well, But his standards slipped as the half went on

Feeding what’s left would shoot Johnstone straight if a lucky rebound kindly fell into the box

Goalless in the break at The Hawthorns Everton started second best, but Domininc Calvert-Lewin had the best chance of the game

Everton’s only chance is to find the exact player you want and Dominic Calvert-Lewin takes them right on the goalkeeper

On the game’s record so far, the Blues can’t really afford to miss opportunities like this one

This Everton tactic of playing long balls over and behind doesn’t seem to fit the side right now

I don’t really remember any of them running away Either they’re overheated or they’re being cut out by the great West Brom defense

There is only a lot to optimize during the break, as nothing really seems to work at the moment

Everton should be in front. A distraction takes it right into Calvert-Lewin’s path, but it’s a tame shot that hits Johnstone directly. He should have hit and he knows

He dismounted from the challenge from the air, let himself be toppled by the man from West Brom, then walked right through his back

For a real chance of the game for Everton The good game between Bernard, Doucoure and Calvert-Lewin leads Richarlison to deflect a shot to the corner

Mason Holgate is booked by Darren England after catching Diagne halfway late

This system does not seem to be working at the moment, it may have to be changed during the break

Does Ben Godfrey jump 60 yards into space in every game he plays? Is it written in his contract?

He’s just great at them, and he perfectly illustrated that there are gaping holes in West Brom if only Everton can take advantage of them more effectively

Everton, with guidance you suppose, often tries to play the ball over the top I can’t remember any of those badges found the intended recipient The billboards saw a lot of the ball

For a while, Doucoure was way too far ahead when Everton played around in their own half

I’m all for Doucoure to support the attack, but he’s one of only two central midfielders At such moments he has to be back in position

Big clearance from Michael Keane there From that angle, it looked like the shot was going in

Of course they got some decent results in this game so their motivation would have been high anyway, but it will certainly only work against Everton if the hosts get such a hold

They need to be more specific, clinical, and a little more unpredictable with their existence. Stop going left and maybe try reaching right?

Sam Johnstone has not yet tested over the bar from Diagne when turning in the Everton pits at the Albion goal and was the second best of all participants so far

West Brom vs Everton

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