Conditions get more dangerous in the last week of January when the Met Office is ready to put in place five new weather conditions warnings of snow and ice

More heavy rains, which led to heavy flooding after storm Christoph, are not forecast until next Wednesday – however, falling temperatures are expected

The Met Office announced that a band of snow will move into the south-west of England and Wales in the early hours of Sunday morning and will spread to the East Midlands and south-east of England later in the day, temperatures are expected throughout Britain falling below freezing overnight, with the coldest temperatures in the Scottish Highlands being a freezing -10 ° C

Elsewhere, London and Manchester are expected to drop to -3 ° C overnight and Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow are expected to drop to -2 ° C. Frost is expected overnight on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Martin Bowles, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The biggest danger in the next few days will be ice as we get these snow showers that will all freeze overnight. Obviously, roads tend to be fairly well paved, especially main roads, but I would warn people to be careful on sidewalks, back roads that are not paved, or city streets ”

The Met Office’s first warning for snow and ice is already in place in the north west of England, but by tomorrow morning there will be four more areas that will be put under warnings are Northern Ireland, South West England and South Wales, the Midlands and South East England

Bowles said the cold spell would last until about Wednesday before being replaced by milder temperatures in the last few days of the month, “That doesn’t mean this is the end of all cold weather for winter It’s not that we just have a mild spell, “he said

Although people were told to heed the flood warnings through the weekend, Bowles said they were “gradually waning” and that heavier rain was not expected until Wednesday night or Thursday

“We hope that the river level will drop significantly beforehand so that we don’t expect any significant flooding problems in the next few days, except in areas where the warnings are already in place,” he said

The environmental agency previously warned of “abnormally high river levels” after days of heavy rainfall following Storm Christoph, flooding hundreds of properties across the country


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