Space Jam 2 almost contained the controversial Looney Tune Pepe Le Pew, but it was cut Here’s why the character should be kept in the story

Since Space Jam: A New Legacy would have solved the Pepe Le Pew problem, the controversial character shouldn’t have been cut out of the film.It was reported that Pepe Le Pew – who originally had a scene in Space Jam 2 – from Director Malcolm D Lee was removed from the film after it was filmed, but before it was animated when the scene was filmed, the sequel was still being directed by Terence Nance

Inspired by Debonair, French Hollywood legend Charles Boyer, who has played the carefree skunk in Looney Tunes cartoons since 1945, the character typically tries (and fails) to court the feline Penelope by force, which usually happens after a white stripe on her back causes Pepe to mistake her for a stinky companion.Over the years, Pepe Le Pew has been featured in animated TV shows, films, video games, merchandise, and more.He also performed in the original Space Jam, where he did was used as a member of Michael Jordan’s Tune Squad In one scene, his stench was used to help Jordan score on the Monstars

Issues over Pepe’s inappropriate behavior towards female characters prevented Pepe Le Pew from returning to the sequel, even though the film did not intend to put aside the issues with him and sexual consent.Its only scene in the film would have revealed that Penelope, who always runs away from him, has issued an injunction against him.In a Casablanca-inspired sequence, Pepe would have tried to kiss a bartender portrayed by Greice Santo, who would have beaten him for it.Afterwards, Pepe would have been briefly instructed by LeBron James, who would explain Pepe would that it is wrong to “grab other tunes without their consent”

It’s true that the way Pepe Le Pew performed in the original Looney Tunes shorts is fraught with problems, but that doesn’t mean Space Jam 2 was right to cut its scene, though this is A claim that has been denied by many, a recent New York Times column even argued that it contributed to the rape culture, and the character was known for not taking no for an answer as he relentlessly chased after a frightened Penelope and tried to kiss her It is believed that this is why Warner Bros has no plans to use it again in the near future Other than that, it’s worth noting that what Space Jam 2 had in mind for Pepe would have worked for the film as it would have held him accountable for his actions

It would have been the way to go about dealing with Pepe’s crimes in a meaningful way and bringing them to light that would have allowed the franchise to move forward with Pepe in a way that can put its controversial past behind for good that seems surely to be a better solution than simply ignoring the problem and cutting a popular Looney Tunes icon who has written dozens of short films since the 1940s, Space Jam: A New Legacy, sadly, missed the opportunity to mend Pepe Le Pew , and it’s not clear when another chance for it will come

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