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Oscar-winning actress Loren appeared on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs this week, speaking to some of Hollywood’s best actors and singers about her career and shoulders, while the 86-year-old actress spoke openly about filming the 1957 film Film The Pride and the Passion, in which she was close friends with Sinatra

In the war film of the Napoleonic era, the two stars played as members of opposing sides lovers with cross-stars

Sinatra played Miguel, a battalion soldier in the British Royal Navy who was sent to Spain to fetch a siege cannon from its residents

Loren played the native Spaniard Juana, who was coveted by Miguel and Captain Anthony Trumbull (Cary Grant)

During her interview on Desert Island Discs, Loren revealed that Sinatra was a little withdrawn during filming and “loved his trailer”

Sophia replied: “No, no! [He would say], “We’re shooting, we’re shooting” Okay, okay, ciao ”

Loren praised Sinatra and Grant working with The Pride and the Passion, their first American film. She told the New York Times last year, “I worked with Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra when I was 22, a kid

“At the time, I saw the opportunities associated with working in English, even poor English because it wasn’t my language. But the sound of speeches and music is very important to me and I learned English straight away I had a wonderful time making American films for the first time ”

She said to Closer, “I told them right away,” I don’t speak English, please help me “and they did!

“They were beautiful. It was my first [American] film and I didn’t speak a single word of English so it was very difficult for me”

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In 2014 Loren published a treatise called Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life It contained a collection of “unpublished memories, curious anecdotes, tiny secrets, all of which came from a randomly found box, a treasure trove full of emotions, experiences, Adventure”

The box of forgotten artifacts contained invisible photos, pictures, letters, and notes, some of which were straight from Sinatra

Loren won the 1962 Oscar for best actress for her performance in Two Women

In the film, she played a mother who tried to protect her young daughter in a war-torn Italy

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World News – GB – Sophia Loren on the strange behavior of Frank Sinatra ‘Loved his trailer’ and ‘wouldn’t sing on the set’

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