The adventurer’s latest four-part project, Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve, offers a reflection on his most memorable experiences, woven with stories about how he got where he is today

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The story behind Simon Reeve’s adventurous career may not quite live up to some viewers’ expectations

Simon was born and raised in Acton He dropped out of school and found himself on the dole before getting into a difficult room with his sanity

In his darkest moment, Simon told The Mirror that he was “a whisker away from suicide”

However, his life was turned upside down dramatically when he got the opportunity to work as a postboy for a newspaper

“Of course, it is assumed that I come from a wealthy, traveling family and have attended a very good school and university,” 48-year-old Simon told The Mirror

“There are many people now who need to hear that they can still live after a difficult start

“I am wound up in a fairly dark place and a mustache away from committing suicide, quite frankly, literally on the edge of a bridge

“I didn’t go to university, have no qualifications, I went to the Dole, I could have been unemployed for a long time. I had a very tricky time but found my way with a lot of luck and hard work”

Fast forward a few decades and Simon has become a bestselling writer and television presenter.Not only that, he was arrested by the KGB, detonated a car bomb while having dinner in Colombia, and was smuggled into Burma

However, his tough work ethic and humble background are something Simon would like to let viewers know about in his upcoming series

Simon’s most recent four-part project, Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve, offers a reflection on his most memorable adventures, woven with stories about how he got to where he is today

The father of one is certainly no stranger to adventure or the thrill that comes with entering a foreign land after traveling to over 120 countries over the course of his career

What always stands out during his adventure – and something that plays a huge role in the new show – are the incredible people he meets along the way

Simon told The Mirror that it was really wonderful to receive updates this year on some of the people he had met around the world – especially at a time when we all crave contact and communication / p>

He continued, “The best part about the adventures and experiences is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share a little bit of their lives

“Going back to the old stories and footage and picking out some very happy, emotional memories of meeting people was a real treat”

Without giving too much away, Simon is in tears when he receives an update from some of his former travel buddies like the Bangladeshi child laborer Jahangir

While Simon has been pondering his past adventures over the past 15 years, the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic is on his mind as well

“You can look at the problems we have, and in some cases even ten in countries that have less infrastructure, less economy and less health care,” he reminded me

“Aside from the Covid pandemic in countries where there is conflict or endemic malaria, they have other things to worry about, but it was still a disaster for charity-raising and a disaster for conservation around the world ”

In Simon’s new series, the host also examines the devastating effects of climate change, which he believes make even the pandemic seem mild by comparison. “We cut down and destroy forests and trees that provide solutions and treatments for some of our most devastating viruses, diseases and diseases Diseases could provide, “he explained

In addition, this is compounded by the threat to indigenous communities who, according to Simon, are the “key” to understanding our natural world

While Simon is currently unable to travel, he has since made the most of exploring Cornwall, spending time with his wife Anya and son Jake – who may be following in his father’s adventurous footsteps

Simon joked, “I told him that if he does something adventurous and breaks a bone, he gets a huge gift because I want him to lead a real life and not be wrapped in cotton – because when we open these adventures are we are I really feel like we are actually living ”

And what was Simon’s tonic to get through this unusual year? Family, his dogs, and most of all, walking – something he’s had with his mental health since he was a teenager

“I can’t underestimate the value of this to us humans. I really believe that when I was in my darkest days as a teenager, I really understood the very act of putting one foot in front of the other It starts to provide answers and solutions, and it clears the mind, but it also fills the heart ”

Simon reflects on his incredible travels from his home in Dartmoor and remains optimistic about the future of travel He hopes the lockdown will be more encouragement to seize the opportunities to get away – and to think differently about how we see our world

“I don’t want people to stop going on vacation I think we need to be more responsible about what we do and where we are going”

“Not just because we screwed the planet, but so that we can make more of it, so that we can do things that are certainly more adventurous than sitting by the pool

“It may make you sexy on Instagram for a week, but you won’t get your experiences or memories if you tan while hiking or going on an adventure in Mexico and following a river from spring to sea”

Simon adds, “I’m always keen to get people out of their comfort zone, eat funnier foreign food, have more exciting experiences, and take some bloody risks”We can have it taken away from us as we saw with the pandemic”

Like the majority of us, Simon Reeve doesn’t even know what he’s doing next week, let alone when he’s going to be overseas next time

For this well-known adventurer, however, the hope remains that one day we will have the opportunity to visit foreign destinations again

“I really miss the trips, but I know we will get through this I know we will travel again, “he added

“People have always done it. We’ve seen plague, plague, war and horror in the past and people have always been traveling. It’s not a new invention, we’ll be out there again and I can’t wait”

If you have trouble and need to speak, the Samaritans run a free helpline that is open 24/7 at 116 123. Alternatively, email jo @ samaritansorg if you’d rather write down how you did feel

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