Posted: 09:26 GMT, Dec. March 2021 | Updated: 10:58 GMT, Jan. March 2021

Seville had an unlikely hero when they equalized in 94th place on Saturday night Minute against Real Valladolid scored

Julen Lopetegui’s side lost 1-0 before goalkeeper Bono, who had been sent to the corner, fell on a loose ball for a dramatic equalizer

When the corner came in, the ball was passed over the goal and then held in play twice with Valladolid unable to clear his lines. Bono had stayed in the box and when the ball fell on him in the area he hit the first Take a shot with your left foot in the top corner

The shot stopper pounced on a loose ball and hit the top corner for the first time

🚨 THE GOALKEEPER HAS REACHED! 🚨 It’s a wonderful day for Seville as Bono equalizes for added time! 😱 BildTwittercom / 6IXXcRklch

The Moroccan goalkeeper ran to the bench in delight and waved his shirt in the air when he was attacked by his teammates

Fabian Orellana’s penalty gave the hosts a 1-0 lead at halftime, although Sevilla dominated with 69 percent possession and 11 shots compared to Valladolid’s three

After the game, Bono said to Marca: ‘The goal fell to me and I am grateful the feeling is hard to describe because I didn’t know how to celebrate

The Moroccan goalkeeper ran to the bench in delight when he was attacked by his teammates

Sevilla have made it a habit of goalkeepers to score dramatic late equalizers, with Bono Andres Palop making the history books

In 2007, in the final moments of the UEFA Cup (Europa Leage) in Seville, Palop scored a header against Shakhtar Donetsk that put the tie into extra time

The Spanish club won on penalties, Palop saved three penalties on penalties

Manager Lopetegui, who was a goalkeeper himself during his playing career, was full of praise for his number 1

“I’ve never scored a goal, not even in practice, but it’s obviously a great goal from our current goalkeeper,” said Lopetegui

The goalkeeper admitted he wasn’t sure how to celebrate his final goal for the La Liga side

‘It’s not normal, but we got some joy at the end of the game when we could have gotten three points, but it looked like we were going to get away with empty-handed

‘I just managed to speak to Bono after the game and obviously congratulated him I’m sure there were some jokes in the dressing room around Andres Palops goal [for Seville] because everyone remembers it and it is obvious was a very, very important goal in the Europa League and today was a very important goal for us in the final minutes of the game and it helped us save a point

‘We’re very pleased that we didn’t give up and kept fighting to get back in the game. We kept putting the pressure on and that’s one of the characteristics of our team and we got our reward’

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