Maxïmo Park front man Paul Smith described the encounter with Alice Cooper in the race for number one as “quite strange”

The Newcastle band is currently at the top of the UK weekday album charts with Nature Always Wins, their seventh album overall and their first album in nearly four years, with the School’s Out star with Detroit Stories up Second place is

Maxïmo Park – made up of Paul, Duncan Lloyd and Tom English – has to thank Stuart Brathwaite from Mogwai who, after reaching number one himself last week, wanted to exert pressure with a social media campaign (sorry) to bring his rock colleagues to the top

Moderator Greg James has also added his support and reached out to Instagram for a greeting

“This new album has come at a time when we are all totally comfortable,” said the radio host excitedly, adding that he felt “comforted and inspired” by it

Since then it has picked up speed for Maxïmo Park – but Paul tries his best to keep calm

He told Metrocouk: “A lot of my favorite bands or friends who are in bands have never had the recognition we already had. We had a number two record, we had a really very strong following throughout our lifespan as a band that I’m grateful for because I know a lot of people don’t have that

“I think this kind keeps our feet on the ground when it comes to weeks like this where we’re in the spotlight and you feel that kind of wave of people you are ready to do

“It means something. I’m generally very pragmatic about these things, but I would be lying if I said that it is not nice when people see what we are doing”

The Our Velocity singer shared that the trio are content to be an independent band that are completely disconnected from the scene and “just keep going,” but this week has made them hopeful of reaching more ears

“Everyone got on board with [the campaign],” Paul said, “including people like Stuart. They got on the train and said,” Yeah, it would be great if two independent bands did the number one week at a time would be one”It would be pretty unusual

“I didn’t expect it because it’s our seventh record You know, in a way, people have already chosen us”’

Like many of us, the musician was unable to perform live as the pandemic continues worldwide, especially for a visceral front man who feeds on the reaction of a crowd

However, we can comfort ourselves a little that even rock stars had to keep their hand on home schooling, which was some consolation for Paul as he is staying at home with his wife and four year old daughter

“On a practical level, it was difficult not being able to work for a year and not being sure this year,” he explained

“It was difficult, but always letting nature win, having my family around me, homeschooling my daughter is something I couldn’t have done if I had been on the road”

“I can’t complain, I have a roof over my head and I love my family and we can all get through, although some days are more difficult than others”

When asked how he feels about taking over – and possibly overthrowing – a rock veteran this week, Paul said to us, “Alice Cooper is obviously a legend and we are a step further and we have younger artists around us who are releasing their first records and excited to be on the charts so it’s pretty weird

‘You just focus on the music you’re making and when you end up in some kind of chart race you’re exposed to a lot of different new dimensions where you think, yes, we are part of this pop culture, ours Do thing

He joked, “Everyone knows Alice Cooper for School’s Out, but I wish he’d waited for schools to be back before putting us in this card fight!”

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