Andy Butler will take over the Doncaster Rovers as Darren Moore and staff forced to self-isolate after contact with the Covid-19 case

Manchester United FC was born out of a protest movement led by Manchester United supporters opposed to ownership of the Glazer family

With thousands of members, the club has quickly grown into a non-league powerhouse and certainly has some of the best facilities outside of the EFL

To find out what this FA Cup game means for the Northern Premier League club and what kind of test they’re going to put on the Rovers, we spoke to FC United president Adrian Seddon

AS: “This is going to be a very strange occasion because going to the first round of the FA Cup is huge for us. It’s the third time that we have done it in 15 years of history

“At our level, we were able to have fans in Other than a closed-door game at Curzon Ashton in a previous round, we have had fans in every game this season

“We had 600 fans in the ground Tuesday night, screaming and screaming, and it’s going to be weird to have a weird and quiet stadium

“But we have released a statement with South Shields and Scarborough that there is a bunch of clubs at the local level who disagree

“We have 1,100 fans locked in every game because we’re only allowed at 600 We had 1,700 on the ground last season on average That’s 1,100 fans lost revenue in ticket money, cash spent in the field

“We are not well There is an assumption that we can make with 600 fans and that we cannot

“We’ve been talking about this for a while now and it seems to be falling on deaf ears

“We played Guiseley in the last round, which blocked 700 fans because they have to play behind closed doors at their level, but they are making £ 30,000 a month

“Financially, it was a godsend. The other years, it would have put us in place while this year, it is filling holes in our budget”

“Our season was cut short and with six games to go we looked really good in second place and on a roll for the play-offs Then it all fell apart

“Again now we go into another lockdown Once Saturday is over if we win we can continue but if we lose we go into lockout with the rest of the lockdown

“For the fans it was a bit of a liberation to get this far in the FA Cup, but this is tempered by the fact that they can’t get in

“The last few days have been tough This club is built on volunteers, in the office all week, game day staff, there are so many volunteers and they all would like to be on the pitch

“We’re really excited The BBC is here and we’re potentially introducing ourselves to two million people

“We have done our best to make the floor as nice as possible. Fans have brought flags in the last few days and they are everywhere

“It’s a mixture of pride that we have achieved so far, excitement of what lies ahead, but deep regret that we cannot share it with our fans

“People on the bulletin boards said surely club owners could get in, that’s what all other clubs are doing

“The manager gave a little speech to the fans at the end of Tuesday’s game It was like the end of the season He thanked them for their support and said they were going to do it for the fans on Saturday”

AS: “If you lose in the FA Cup it’s usually back to the league For us, if we lose, we haven’t had anything for at least a month

“We can continue training if we win, but we are effectively closing for a month otherwise

“Lose Saturday and the players will say goodbye for a few weeks

“Win and they’ll train three days a week for the game in three weeks, wherever”

AS: “In the past, a non-league team would have had players from Dog and Duck

“The majority of our squad were in fairly decent academies as youngsters Some were in Premier League academies like Michael Donohue who was at Everton

“They have a good base For some reason some players succeed and some don’t It’s a fine line between those who end up pretty well with EFL players and those who play part-time for us

“We are at home and although the fans may not be there, this is our field, our locker room, our field

“We played a team above us in the FA trophy last season, Barrow And we were on a real league win

“We went there with a lot of confidence and we were beaten 7-0 It was a real test of reality last year I think some of them were a bit arrogant, things were going well and they found out how difficult it can be against a team that is many levels above

“I think we’ll be better off for this experience because I don’t think they’ve been through anything like that as a band

“They know what it’s like to play under these circumstances Obviously Doncaster is two levels above what Barrow was so it’s another step forward

“We won our last game against Warrington, so we’re on a high note. We’re picking up some injured players

“We know we have to play our best one-to-11 game and bench if we are to have a chance But we can be

“Players will want to put on a show and come out with their heads held high anyway

“I think we play the right way, attacking football We concede a few too many goals but we always try to score more than the opposition”

AS: “Our goalie Dan Lavercombe, was the reserve goalie at Fylde last year and played for them a few times at the Conference level.

“Michael Donohue went through Everton Academy He fell in Fleetwood and they loaned him to us They didn’t renew his contract so he stayed with us

“Jordan Simpson is a new recruit for us, a very good midfielder. His father is Fitzroy Simpson who played for Man City and he comes to watch him play

“Michael Potts, the captain, is a pillar of the team, driving the midfielder

“Up front we have a young boy called Michael Fowler on loan from Fleetwood

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