It all started when Kroos harshly criticized Aubameyang’s habit of celebrating goals with a superhero mask, from Batman to Spider-Man to Black Panther, describing the German World Cup winner as “extremely ridiculous”

“Aubameyang once celebrated and pulled out a mask,” Kroos said on his “Einfach mal Luppen” podcast “This is where I end up I don’t think that’s a good example too What nonsense”

Arsenal’s Gabonese striker responded, “By the way, does this Tony Crosse have children? Just to remember that I did it for my son [a] many times and I will do it again”

By the way, does this ToniKroos have kids? Just to remember I did this to my son many times and I’ll do it again, I hope you have kids one day and make them happy like this little pupils talking: Pray:: punch: and don’t forget #maskon #staysafe bis https: // tco / J4ZF1XGlsU

Kroos responded on Twitter to say, “Tony Crosse has three children,” urging Oba to sign his following message: “Congratulations to his three children, Buddy Batman and Robin.”

Very strange so far, but of course, Ozil couldn’t let it lie between his current Arsenal team-mate and his long-time former Germany international.

The 32-year-old tweeted a GIF of Obamyang celebrating in a black panther mask after a goal against Rin while saluting “Wakanda Forever” with the message: “Best goal celebration!”

Aubameyang replied: “My brother you know” and with the classic fist of the hand it’s clear that while everything is not quite right between the Arsenal and Ozil hierarchies, the man who has been left out of the Premier League squad this season, is clearly a playmaker. The midfield and the Arsenal captain are still on the same page.

For Kroos, there is a history between him and Ozil, as he did not support the Real Madrid star Ozil in his retirement in 2018 Ozil felt that he was a scapegoat because of his Turkish background by certain people in Germany, which Kroos described as “nonsense”

Kroos told the Bild newspaper at the time: “Massoud is an international player he deserves and as a player he deserves a better departure.” And he added, “But the way in which he submitted his resignation was not correct”

So maybe there is still a bad feeling between Ozil and Kroos or maybe Ozil may love celebrations of superheroes and people in crazy masks – after all, he’s been a huge supporter of Gunnersaurus in his tumultuous year at Arsenal

Who knows exactly where this full-fledged feud will go next, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Gunnersaurus interfering with his views unless Kroos decides if you can’t beat them, join them and wear the full Iron Man costume the next time he scores


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