Manchester United’s midweek win over Burnley ensured they would travel to Anfield as Premier League leaders The win for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side and they will put their lead on Liverpool by six points The last time United were at the top of the table in a meeting with the Reds was in January 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson, who secured the title before leaving

Liverpool are now the reigning champions, having won their first Premier League title last season, and Ferguson is glad they pulled back when he did

“United against Liverpool, it’s the game of the season – the most successful teams in the country,” said the 79-year-old

“Thank goodness I’ve retired because when I see Liverpool’s performances over the past two seasons they have been phenomenal”

Although United are at the top of the table, they are still not seen as real contenders for the title in some areas, but Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has never seen them as underdogs

“I was in England for five years and United have never been an underdog. They can’t be,” said Klopp

“It is the way it is: always good teams, always great players, always really good managers and coaches

“It was always there and now they’re at the top of the table So it is. You can’t be underdogs, but we play at home and don’t see ourselves as underdogs or whatever just because they are in front of us.” p>

“We have to be dominant in the games. Usually they change the system against us. They played 10 times with four players behind and against RB Leipzig they played five times behind, maybe they will change that

“These are things to think about – not who the underdog is. It’s Liverpool versus United and that is a huge game in itself

“Wherever I would be in the world I would definitely see This is the game”

Express Sport has consulted with the Betfair Exchange to round up some predictions ahead of the Premier League clash at Anfield

Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom said: “For the past few years in the Premier League, clashes between Liverpool and Manchester United have determined their playing times but recently the importance of this game has diminished due to the mixed fortunes of each team and changes this weekend

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“Manchester United knocked Liverpool off the top of the table and Sunday’s result could play a big role in who will win the title at the end of the season. Liverpool have a 49% chance of scoring three major on Sunday, according to Betfair Exchange players To get points while United got a win with 27% and a tie with 25%

“While Jürgen Klopp’s side are more likely to earn the greatest national honor than their historical rivals, they are still not in pole position. Manchester City are favorites to win the title and have a 57% chance of taking the crown to win back, while Liverpool are the biggest competition with a 23% chance and United with 13%

“With seven goals in his last nine games in all competitions, it’s no surprise that Mohamed Salah is closest to the bottom line on Sunday. He has a 45% chance of scoring while teammate Sadio Mane has a 43% turn and Manchester United’s most likely goal source is Bruno Fernandes, who has a 30% chance of scoring his first goal at Anfield

“The game will be a fun affair with a 57% chance of more than 25 goals, while less than 25 is 44% less likely to be. The action is predicted to be split between the two teams as both teams do one 57% chance of getting “

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Liverpool v Man United

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