Line of Duty has brought BBC viewers to high octane drama, watching AC-12 try to overthrow the most corrupt lurking cops in their ranks at the head of Adrian Dunbar’s superintendent Ted Hastings, who is in The 62-year-old actor who plays the Commander and Chief has revealed what the broadcaster needs to cancel the long-running show, with so much of the story left to tell and the vicious H- Organization is not yet fully debunked

Before the drama returned later this year, Adrian appeared on Graham Norton’s Virgin Radio show to talk about what to expect

The actor told the 57-year-old presenter of the chat show, “I think as long as our audience has an appetite for the show, we’ll keep going

“Why should we stop? We’ve managed to keep the standard up, Jed [Mercurio, show artist] has rather managed to keep the standard so high for so long, and people love the show

“I hope it continues,” he continued before explaining that the program would have to be canceled at some point in the future

“But of course everything is finite, I see Peaky Blinders falling off after six fabulous seasons,” he added

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“When it ends, it will end and we will all have had the best time,” Adrian explained, but right now it seems like the audience is seeing a lot more drama

And very soon by the sounds of things, how the show comes back with a bang with not just six episodes but seven

Speaking on One Show earlier this week, Adrian said, “Like everyone else, we closed in March when we finished episode one and a bit of episode two

“And then we came back and this time we shot everything out of order – it was difficult,” he continued before revealing the exciting news

“One of the amazing things is that they have another episode out of it,” Adrian explained to the audience

“So instead of six episodes, we’ll have seven, which is extraordinary, but it was difficult to get a handle on the intricate storylines”

“And when you shoot out of order it can be tricky sometimes. We usually shoot in two blocks so you can keep all that complicated stuff in mind

“I really want to see it with everyone else because it gets a little confusing at times, but I hope everything in the edit is fixed”

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As Adrian mentioned, the show’s cast and crew became a huge bubble of support when they filmed the episodes during last year’s pandemic

Therefore, when the viewers see the consequences, the actors are not socially distant even though all other safety measures were in place

AC-12 will also welcome a new member to its team as it is announced that 26-year-old actress Shalom Brune-Franklin will join as DC Chloe Bishop

The latter will help the team put an end to the investigation into the corrupt Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald)

It was already known that actress Shalom would join the cast, but the details of her character were kept under wraps

When she talked about being a part of the show last year, she said, “Being on set as such a huge fan of the show is such a journey

“I’ve been running around, a fangirl, and I don’t know if that will ever wear off,” she told Radio Times

With season six only months away, the second season of the critically acclaimed drama will hit the screens tonight from 9 p.m.

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