A serial sex offender was found guilty of raping and murdering a college student before throwing her body into a river

The jury heard that Relowicz had committed a number of crimes against women prior to the murder

During the trial, District Attorney Richard Wright told QC that Relowicz left the night of Jan. January 2019 spent driving around looking for a woman to attack

Jurors heard that University of Hull philosophy student Ms. Squire, who had been turned away from a nightclub, was drunk and “extremely vulnerable” when Relowicz “intercepted” her

He drove her to the Oak Road fields, where he attacked her before putting her in the River Hull

Prosecutors said the married father of two repeatedly lied to the police, his wife, and court documents about what happened the night Ms. Squire went missing

He claimed he had consensual sex with the student and said he lied because he didn’t want his wife to find out he cheated on her

After a massive search, the remains of Ms. Squire were found in the Humber Estuary almost two months later

Pathologists could not determine how she died or whether she was still alive when she went into the water

Gerry Wareham of the Crown Prosecution Service said CCTV footage of the latest known moves by Relowicz and Ms. Squire was “crucial evidence” to bring the case to justice

During the 14-day trial, the jury of seven women and five men heard that Relowicz had previously been convicted of voyeurism, had sex in public, and stole sex toys and underwear from women’s homes

The jury found him unanimously guilty of rape and murder by a majority of 11 to 1

Ms. Squire’s parents, Lisa and Russ, held hands and wept as they sat in the public gallery overlooking the courtroom to await the verdicts

When Ms. Squire spoke in court, she thanked the supporters but said that Relowicz’s belief “doesn’t change anything for us, there is no closure”

“Libby will always be with us and we are all so proud of our beautiful, caring, wonderful girl

“And although it has been physically taken from us, the memories we have and the love we share will never be”

The Polish national Relowicz, a butcher, showed no emotion when the foreman read the judgments to the jury. He will be sentenced on Friday

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Libby Squire

World News – GB – Libby Squire: Pawel Relowicz guilty of murder of a student

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