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Johnny Cash is one of the most influential rock and roll icons of the 20th century And just like his megastar Elvis Presley, he struggled with drug addiction, as portrayed in the 2005 biography Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix in an exclusive interview with Expressco UK, his only son with June Carter Cash shared when his father’s most important turning point away from drugs and what it took

John Carter Cash openly admitted, “It was the fact that he thought he was going to die

“He’s seen his whole life fall apart. His relationship with his first wife was shattered. He hit rock bottom and crawled out of a cave”

In 1967 he was arrested again for possession of amphetamines and knew he had to change his life

Luckily for Johnny Cash, his future wife June Carter, with whom he won a Grammy for the duo Jackson that year, was there to help the star in his struggles

Her son, who promotes the new Johnny Cash album and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, said, “My mother was there when he came out of that cave

“He wanted to get up again, my mother supported him as a shoulder so that he could support himself through his hardest times

“But I really think it was the fact that he knew he would die if he didn’t change that made him change in late 1967”

Cash also rediscovered his Christian faith, which he relied on during the ups and downs of the rest of his life

John Carter Cash recalled: “My father met his demons again and again all his life

And while he stopped taking amphetamines in 1968, Cash found himself in rehab several times over the next several decades

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John Carter Cash said, “In the 1980s I was very close to attesting to his addiction to pain medication

“He was never angry, never physical But he just got incoherent and unavailable for a while”

Despite all the dark times in his life, his son touchingly focuses on the many positive aspects

His son said, “He’s struggled with addiction all his life, but what matters is good and strength

“I can look back now and remember the bad and how things came up short

“Or I can look at the good and the beauty and the light – and today I choose the light”

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World News – UK – Johnny Cash’s drug addiction struggle and turning point ‘He thought he was going to die’

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/music/1362261/Johnny-Cash-drugs-addiction-June-Carter-Cash-Johnny-Cash-son-interview