Hollyoak’s actor Jamie Lomas explains why he dares to bare everyone to raise awareness of cancer on The Real Full Monty on Ice …

Actor Jamie Lomas, best known for playing Warren Fox in Hollyoaks and Jake Stone in EastEnders, is set to take on the role of a different species this week as he valiantly bares everyone on The Real Full Monty on Ice / p>

Diversity’s Ashley Banjo will once again put a number of famous guys and girls through their paces to learn a daring dance routine designed to raise awareness about the search for cancer – and he’s up the ante this year by putting the show on ICE!

While a group of famous women – including Love Island actress Linda Lusardi and Shaughna Phillips – are also performing on their own show on ITV this week, rugby star Gareth Thomas, singer Jake Quickenden and jockey Bob become Jamie on Ice include Chris Hughes from Love Island and Perri Kiely from Ashley’s Diversity

All of the men involved are affected by cancer in some way, and Jamie in particular is committed to raising awareness about the disease as his father is currently living with prostate cancer

“My dad has prostate cancer, and I know this show is a great way to encourage people to get checked-ups. Everyone who knows me knows this is completely alien to me – I don’t dance, I don’t run Ice skate and then of course I have to take off my clothes so it’s a pretty big deal for me to do that. But with everything going on with Covid, humans are not diagnosed with cancer so we need to raise awareness ”

“Definitely! All the elements involved are as difficult as the others If you see the VTs that I’ve started skating from so far, there’s one little difference – I was more like Bambi on Ice! I wiggled a few times and thought I couldn’t do this. But then I just had one word to myself and remembered doing it for my dad ”

“Well, at night it will always be okay, won’t it? It takes a lot of balls – literally – before we guys get out there and do that, but if we can help a person, am I’m glad they laugh at my expense. My brother-in-law [Emmerdale actor] Matthew Wolfenden did the first series and told me it was the best experience ever, so if something goes wrong, I’ll blame him! “

“Men tend to take a back seat to these things and think,” Oh, I’m fine “I check myself in the shower, I always do, it’s just a routine for me now. But it’s not easy to talk about cancer and I know it was difficult for some of the guys on this show when people.” hear the word cancer they think it’s over but the recovery rate is so much higher now than it used to be and this show shows that if people are caught early enough, they have a real chance of fighting ”

The Real Full Monty on Ice with Jamie Lomas starts on Monday the 14th December and will be on Tuesday 15th December continued at 9 p.m. on ITV

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