Posted: 09:57 GMT, Dec. January 2021 | Updated: 14:27 GMT, Jan. January 2021

Dancing on Ice bosses face calls for Rufus Hound to be removed from the show after alleging Theresa May planned the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena

The comedian, 41, has sparked outrage among MPs and bomb victims who want him to be banned from the show for retweeting the baseless allegations – coincidentally, Mr Hound is now isolated for ten days after being in with coronavirus Contact has come, and will no longer appear on the show this week

Mr Hound tweeted again: “Given that the attacker was known to MI5, the timing seems happy for May for an attack to ‘slip through’ as ​​Labor moves forward ‘

He then added his own comment, suggesting that May, the prime minister at the time of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombings, planned the attack to help the Tories win the election, The Sun reported on Sunday

The conspiracy theorist wrote: “Sorry for the slight tinhattedness, but I was thinking the same thing Esp when she was Home Secretary for so long ‘

He later tweeted that he wasn’t suggesting it was true, but that he believed it might be possible, adding, “I don’t think I really claim it to be true, more that I don’t believe it that our establishment is incapable of such an evil especially during an election ‘

MP Rob Halfon told The Sun on Sunday: ‘This is horrific’ These trivial remarks are deeply offensive to the victims of the Manchester attack ‘

While another Conservative MP, Alec Shelbrooke, told the publication that it is ITV’s “moral responsibility” to “kick out” candidates who use the show as a political platform

Jade Clough, 33, of Stockport, who was struck by shrapnel in the Salman Abedi attack in Manchester, told The Sun on Sunday that the allegations were “outrageous” and that the celebrity’s actions made people feel might give that it would be okay to share similar unsubstantiated claims

It comes after the former Celebrity Juice star caused a stir during last week’s show by criticizing the UK government for free school meals

Targeting the government’s stance on free school meals, Mr Hound said his video game-inspired performance was the least insane thing that has happened in a long time ‘

He said, “I’ve spent most of this year not being emotionally stable because the world no longer makes sense and it no longer makes sense

In a series of tweets in 2017, Mr. Hound shared his view that the government was not “incapable of such an evil”

‘We live in a world where the people we choose don’t want to feed hungry children This is the least crazy thing that has happened to me in a long time ‘

Ofcom has since received 341 complaints about last weekend’s episode, with the majority being about Mr. This week, the comedian was forced to retire from the show according to government guidelines that state he must now be quarantined at home for 10 days

Mr. Hound should reappear on a group routine for his individual skate on Sunday night and the following week, but he will now be forced to miss both

Sources say Mr Hound tested negative for the coronavirus and is now isolating Mr Hound at home with Robin Johnstone

An ITV spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘This week Rufus Hound came into contact with someone outside of the show who tested positive for Covid 19

This means he will be isolated for ten days according to government guidelines, we hope to see him back in the ice soon ‘

‘We continue to have a number of solid measures in place to operate safely within Covid-19 guidelines and ensure the well-being of all those involved in production’

They added that while Rufus needs to isolate, his professional partner Robin Johnstone has not, as she has not come into contact with anyone who is positive

It is currently unclear whether the skating duo will return to the show after their isolation period has expired

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