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“Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr is a Marmite program presented by a Marmite host. Some will loathe the somber, sloppy derivative of it all. Others will love it, for almost exactly the same reasons, perhaps because we’re in Living times with such strong taste that my palate got confused, I moved wildly between the two Lucy Mangan, the guardian

“The first episode of the returning series didn’t really dovetail with Carr’s fabulous joke personality and instead painted a piece of ‘Make and Do’ reality TV by numbers. Time passed but was hardly a masterclass Carr is obviously getting the whole thing Hold out the season and it was a solid start for the fun racer But the real star right now is no-nonsense judge Michelle OgundehinEd Power, The Telegraph

“We’re pretty well versed in how these shows work, and the formula can feel stale, but this had more to do with BBC3’s award-winning make-up artist contest Glow Up: contestants are not just Pinterest enthusiasts, but are actively pursuing careers in the industry The results after two days of allocating the allotted space were by and large impressive The review felt fair and qualified, and offered a combination of practical design tips and the required minor criticism of Rachel Sigee, the i

“The program wasn’t just a National Trust utopia. Even at this absurdly pleasant hour of travelogue the plague raised its ugly head. Since this was Lumley, even such dark echoes from the past didn’t feel depressing from the evidence of their travelogue shows that Lumley is as radiantly pleasant a person as he was James Jackson, The Times

“Though she clearly longed for more exotic trips, Joanna was happy to get excited about whatever the film crew suggested. Why these locations were chosen, she didn’t ask wherever she was sent, Joanna could appear enthusiastic. She is a hardworking one , tenacious professional Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Whistlestop” does not begin to describe their new three-episode tour Unfortunately, the speed at which Lumley stormed around was to the detriment of the program. Enough time was simply not spent getting its story right. What saved the show Was Lumley herself her joyous enthusiasm for the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales or a bite of Kendal Mint Cake made her a lovable travel companion ”Rachael Sigee, The i

“As a spectator on the sofa, the feeling that I couldn’t get rid of was” too early ” Too early to hear the historical horrors of this catastrophe for an hour Not while we’re still in the thick of it The series was an admirably clear report, but maybe better to see in a few years – with just a shiver of memory James Jackson, The Times p>

“One of those snappy thrillers you’ll watch to the end, assuming you put the disbelief out”

“Gilbert was the perfect guide – not because it’s a personal story for him, but because he’s a comedian”

“Not a program that devours much of your mental bandwidth. That’s a big part of its charm “

“Whether this is interchangeable with” The Great British Bake Off “or” The Great Pottery Throw Down “, it’s all good calming fun”

“This was an extremely moving portrait of the artist formerly known as Jordan as the mother and carer of her disabled teenage son Harvey“

Interior Design Masters

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