Sketching the current slogan, drawn by UK-based guest artist Jing Zhang, notes British engineer Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most important engineers in the 20th century, made Scott famous With his plans, for example, the Battersea Power Station and the now featured red pay phone represented in the current doodles, Scott joined traditional and current patterns to create part of London’s most iconic tourist spots

Giles Gilbert Scott was naturally introduced to the predecessors of critical designers on this day in the year 1880 in London, England

While he was young, his mother urged him to carry the family’s inheritance forward, and she and his brother took him on bike trips to see church design across the Open English State

He passed on to the student as a fashion designer, and at only age twenty-one he won the challenge that gave him the biggest mission of his life: Liverpool Cathedral – one of the many holy places he had planned throughout his career

Perhaps Scott’s most famous innovation, however, is the smallest red pay phone he planned in 1924 and rearranged in 1935

The updated version was so prevalent that 60% was introduced000 units in the UK Today, much of the most expensive stalls have been retooled to meet new needs, from defibrillator stations to miniature libraries.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in design, Scott was awarded a knighthood in 1924, and in 1944 he was awarded probably the highest honor – the Medal of Merit

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Giles Gilbert Scott

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