The BBC received a large number of complaints over the past year about the inclusion of the 1987 hit in the festive special

This year’s rerun of Gavin & Stacey’s Christmas special will not include the controversial lyric “Fairytale Of New York,” which caused a number of viewers to complain to the BBC

The uncensored version of the 1987 hit by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl with the lyrics: “You bastard, you maggot / you cheap lousy fuck / Merry Christmas, your ass / I pray, God, it’s ours last “Performed by Nessa and Bryn during last year’s special

After the episode aired, the BBC received nearly 900 complaints about the lyrics, arguing that the song “is widely played and enjoyed in its original form,” stating that the word classified as objectionable in connection with the song is more archaic Irish slang for a lazy person is

It has now been announced that the production company Fulwell 73 has decided to withdraw the line from the rerun of the show, which took place this evening (Sept. December) will be broadcast

“Fulwell 73 has given this long and careful thought and they hope the change will ensure the special can be enjoyed by all current and future viewers without causing any unintentional offense,” a source told The Sun

A spokesman for Fulwell 73 added, “In keeping with the program themes of Joy, Love and Inclusivity, Fulwell 73 decided to re-edit the song. We are grateful to the BBC for making this change”

“Attitudes can change over time and we know that language is a sensitive and important issue for some people,” the spokesman told The Metro

In 2007, BBC Radio 1 made the decision to censor the word f **** t from the song but later reversed their decision to Andy Parfitt, Controller of Radio 1, said: “After careful consideration, I decided that the decision to edit the Pogues song was wrong ”

“The word was used by the character because it suited the way she would speak and her character. She is not supposed to be a nice or even healthy person,” he said. “She is a woman of a certain person Generation at some point in history and she’s lost her luck and is desperate ”

He has doubled his utterances this year, saying, “There is no such thing as political correctness, I’ve been told it offends gays I don’t understand how that works ”

Meanwhile, Gavin & has said Stacey star Larry Lamb that it is “highly unlikely that there will be no more Christmas specials in the future”

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