UK retailer game sent an email to PlayStation 5 customers with pre-order, warning them that not all orders will be delivered on launch day tomorrow, November 19th, blaming courier company Yodel directly

“Our goal has always been to ensure that as many requests as possible arrive on time for the release date as possible,” the game told PS5 customers of the pre-order in its email, “so we had to secure multiple carriers to help try and achieve this”


However, for “reasons beyond Game’s control,” one company, Yodel, said it would not be able to deliver all PS5s on launch day due to “capacity issues in its network” elsewhere, Game notes that “delivery challenges” It can be attributed to the sheer volume of the new PS5 handsets prior to launch day, plus the “product size”

It’s undoubtedly a frustrating situation for all of those who pre-order PlayStation 5 from Game on the reasonable assumption that it will arrive on launch day, and the company suggests customers follow delivery updates sent directly from Yodel for their perusal. If their ranking is one of those affected by delay

“We would like to apologize for any disappointments this problem has caused to you,” Game email closed, but we can assure you that your console is full and ready for delivery by one of our carriers

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World News – GB – The game is now warning pre-order customers that the PS5 is not All will be delivered on launch day