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Fulham welcomes West Brom to Craven Cottage tonight as both sides look to register their first win of the Premier League campaign

Scott Parker’s men have managed just one point in six games, in their 1-1 draw with Sheffield United at Bramall Lane last month

Meanwhile, the Baggies are also winless but have managed to collect three out of six draws, leaving them just outside relegation spots

Join Sportsmail’s Sam McEvoy for all live coverage of the early Monday night kick-off, including all match preparation

85min: Scorer Bobby Reid is removed five minutes from time as Scott Parker sends Ivan Cavaleiro in his place to watch the match

80min: Johnstone steps out into no man’s land to meet Lookman but loses possession, which sees Cairney picking up the loose ball and sending a looping effort to the Baggies goalie and to the net He’s superbly clear of the line by Townsend but Mitrovic is there to send him back on goal from the penalty spot His effort is then blocked by Ajayi to deny Fulham a third The VAR checks Ajayi’s block and he hits his elbow, but they decide it’s not is not a penalty due to the fact that his arm is tight against his body

77min: Fulham goalkeeper apologizes to teammates after offering Baggies possession with a pass from behind, which nearly cost his team a goal Sloppy play from PSG loaner

75min: What a bold effort from Robinson The Baggies substitute picks up the ball in his own half before sending a shot on goal after seeing Areola leaving his line The execution is poor and Grant is unimpressed

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70min: Bilic throws in Matt Phillips to see if he can make a change for the visitors 20 minutes to go West Brom hasn’t changed to a more conventional 4-4-2

69min: Second half substitute and birthday boy Romaine Sawyers enters the book for a late challenge

66min: The ball is worked well around the area of ​​Fulham, who ends up finding Furlong in the space to the right Center-back sends a cross to Grant at the far post but the attacker’s end is recovered on the line by French goalkeeper Fulham

64min: Lookman recovers the ball from the left wing, who sends a cross to the far post where Mitrovic is involved in a wrestling match with his defender The ball falls for the Serbian striker but he eats his line in what concerns the fly Half-chance will beg

62min: Lookman and Cairney continue to prove to be a real problem on the left for West Brom Cairney makes a good comeback to create space before his cross heads for a corner

57min: Ademola Lookman is the next player to enter the book for a mean-looking challenge VAR considered it a possible red card violation but didn’t think of anything else

57min: Jake Livermore’s night comes to an end as he is replaced by Romaine Sawyers Matheus Pereira is also unable to make an impact at the top and is replaced by Callum Robinson

54min: Fulham comes back down to the left and a Robinson cross takes a much needed deflection in Johnstone’s arms The Baggies goalie then has a strange encounter with Bobby Reid, who is then booked for the offense

50min: A few clean, tight passes from Fulham forwards, who control the ball in a tight space on the left wing before the ball is given Mitrovic is currently causing a whole host of problems for the Baggies’ defense

48min: Conor Gallagher booked for late challenge on Andersen Fulham defender is back on his feet and looks fine

46min: Scott Parker decides to send Mario Lemina out at half-time, which he replaced by Harrison Reed

It was Fulham who started the game again for the second half. Can they see their lead or will Slaven Bilic’s team talks prompt the Baggies to save something from the game?

What a fabulous half for men Scott Parker Bobby Reid broke the deadlock with a header after brilliant play from Mitrovic, who was then again there to prepare Ola Aina minutes later

Aina’s beautiful first strike from outside the box is the choice of goals and will be played again and again by Fulham fans

If Parker’s side can replicate that first-half effort, they’ll be on course for their first win of the season, edging out the Baggies in the process.

45min: Cairney descends brilliantly to the right to push the ball back and charge into the box, before setting up a shot for Anguissa, who can only detonate a straight shot into Johnstone’s throat Could have been 3-0

41min: West Brom gets their first turn of the game after a good play from Diangana Free kick is useless after being taken offside after a short corner What a waste

36min: This should really be a goal for West Brom Some sloppy possession from Fulham is picked up by Grant from outside the box, who is now on goal to score but he rushes his shot and shoots it right out. side of the post What luck

30min: WHAT A GOAL! Superb strike by Ola Aina and what a way to open her account for Fulham The right-back kicks the ball over the wing before making a dart race inside The ball ends up breaking its way into the box, that Mitrovic throws at Aina who hits her so softly in the upper left corner Candidate for the goal of the weekend, that’s for sure

27min: And this is the man we just spoke about! Bobby Reid breaks deadlock for Fulham with a header after brilliant head pass from Aleksandar Mitrovic to the penalty spot Excellent bonding play from Fulham’s two men – Scott Parker’s men fully deserve their lead

25min: What a wonderful building game between Cairney and Reid Reid does well to escape the pressure of two Baggies players before playing a brace with Cairney but he puts too much power on his center Mitrovic is not satisfied delivery Then, after Fulham regains possession, Reid picks up the ball and fires a shot 25 meters above the bar.

19min: Lookman started the game with real energy The youngster intervenes from the left and shoots a speculative shot towards the goal after having created space It’s okay harmless but it’s a good reflection of the winger

15min: Cairney gets treatment on the turf after apparently having an ankle injury Hope it’s not too bad

13min: The hosts got off to a good start with their high pressure, already forcing the Baggies to make a few mistakes But West Brom held on and kept him tight at the back in this opening rally

8min: More real chances since the Baggies hit the woodwork, with more teams settling into the encounter This has been end-to-end, however, with both sides giving each other space there. ‘to each other

2min: The visitors were inches out of the deadlock – and it was by accident A cross is struck by Conor Townsend on the left which catches Areola completely off guard but is saved by the Evasion woodwork lucky for Fulham

It’s West Brom who gets us going after both players take the knee to support BLM

The 22 players line up the center circle to pay tribute to the late Nobby Stiles and all those who lost their lives in the two world wars ahead of Remembrance Sunday this weekend

Are the two camps going to break their ducks for the season or will they cancel each other out at Craven Cottage?

IAN LADYMAN: Managing in the Premier League is difficult Doing it during a global health crisis is even more difficult In Fulham, Scott Parker cannot even talk to all his players in one room at the same time

“I have to take two or three team meetings rather than one because we are only allowed a certain number of players in one room,” he said.

‘We don’t have anywhere on the training ground big enough for everyone to be socially distant’

1-1 – This is the first Premier League meeting between Fulham and West Brom since the 2013-14 season – in both games this season, Fulham took the lead in the opening 30 minutes and West Brom equalized the game in the final five minutes Repeat #FULWBA

We are just over 30 minutes from kickoff at Craven Cottage, which is currently under construction as the club continues to renovate its famous land

It’s a battle at the bottom of the table to kick off double the league action tonight, with Leeds hosting Leicester at Elland Road later

But back to Craven Cottage and both teams will be in desperate need of recording their first wins of the campaign, having both gone the first six games without one

Stay tuned for all the preparation for the match, which starts at 5.30pm GMT

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