Posted: 11:30 GMT, Dec. February 2021 | Updated: 11:30 GMT, Jan. February 2021

The FA Cup is slowly but surely developing towards a crescendo The draw for the quarter-finals will take place on Thursday evening

A total of 16 teams from the Premier League and the championship will play between Tuesday and Thursday to consolidate their place in the draw

Holders Arsenal were beaten by Southampton in round four, while Premier League champions Liverpool fell on a dramatic free kick from Bruno Fernandes as Manchester United won

More top names will lose their place in the competition this week as Manchester United take on West Ham in a thrilling fixture while Tottenham heads to Everton in real fifty-five

With the draw for the last eight days in just two days, Sportsmail walks you through the key details below

The TV schedule and the full list of games for the fifth round can also be viewed HERE

The draw for the FA Cup quarter-finals will take place on Thursday evening around 7:45 a.m.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (L) and Jose Mourinho (R) are both on duty in an action-packed week

The draw for the FA Cup quarter-finals will take place on Thursday, November 11th February, at approx 7 a.m. live in the BT Sport studios instead of 45 p.m.

Planned to play between the conclusion of the Wolves’ home game against Southampton and the start of the last game of the week, Barnsley against Chelsea

However, should the Wolves’ game against Southampton require additional time, the start time will be postponed accordingly

Karen Carney will take on the task of pulling the balls out of the hat while Reshmin Choudhury will moderate the event

BT Sport is in action as the Wolves host Southampton in the penultimate game of the fifth round

Coverage of BT Sport will continue as the quarter-finals take place before BBC One plays the final FA Cup game of the week in Barnsley’s tie with Chelsea

Viewers can also follow the quarter-finals draw on the Emirates FA Cup official YouTube channel and on Twitter and Facebook accounts

Only nine teams will be involved in the quarter-finals draw on Thursday night, with the result, of course, of Chelsea’s trip to Barnsley that will come after that

However, the ball numbers were already assigned before the draw, which is described in detail below

Eight fifth round games will take place between Tuesday and Thursday this week to determine the names for the quarterfinals

The selection is likely to apply on Tuesday and Wednesday when Manchester United hosts West Ham and Tottenham travel to Everton

The following is a full list of the games, as well as the TV channel they are shown on

The semifinals will then take place less than a month later from the 17th April The final is for Saturday 15th May planned

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FA Cup draw

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