Peep Peep! Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s poaching goal gave Everton a well-deserved lead over Sheffield Wednesday It was an entertaining game with both teams passing the ball confidently, but Everton had the greater threat in attack

41 mins Coleman scurries around and slides another dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Richarlison is waiting for a tap-in at the far post, but Urhoghide would do well to get between Richarlison and the ball

39 mins Everton threatens to overwhelm Wednesday who can’t afford to cash in a second before the break

37 min A Rabona pass from James tees off Sigurdsson, who runs the ball over his body to lose Urhoghide, but then hurls his shot past the far post that was a nice piece by Everton

34 min Everton break four against four, with Calvert-Lewin He plays it to Sigurdsson, who rolls an excellent cross that flashes over the gate

32 min Calvert-Lewin began, as you probably know, his career with his youth club Sheffield United

Dominic Calvert-Lewin gave Everton the lead on his return to the side The goal was superbly scored by Andre Gomes, who shuffled away on the left from Pelupessy and slipped the ball over the six-yard box went in at the far post, it ended

27 min James plays the ball towards Calvert-Lewin, who brings Sigurdsson an attempted rear wheel into the fresh air. The loose ball is picked up by James, whose curling shot is directed by Brennan

25 min Calvert-Lewin wins a corner for Everton James’ Inswinger clears only the jumping Calvert-Lewin in the middle and Wednesday forces the ball away

22 min Harris runs towards Godfrey, who pokes the ball for the corner. Bannan’s swinging corner shaves the head of an Everton player at the near post and flashes across the face of the goal

18 min Harris’ dangerous cross is cleared by Mina at the near post. Although Everton had the greatest chance, Wednesday looks bright and airy in the future

17 min James plays another nice pass, this time to Calvert-Lewin in the area. He takes it wonderfully, pulls his cleats over the ball to clear the pirouette away from Urhoghide and forces a low shot that from Wildsmith is saved at the near post

15 min Debutant Green cuts off the infield from the left and stabs Olsen in the palms with a decent effort. He looks lively

12 min: Richarlison did not allow a goal! Oh that’s a shame because it was a great goal James hiked into the infield from the right and played a devastating pass, perfectly weighted to take Brennan out of the game and bring Richarlison in. He calmly finished Wildsmith but reps showed that he stood a little apart

8 min: Richarlison hits the bar! Coleman moves right into space and swings a low flank towards Richarlison, whose header is pushed / fumbled onto the top of the bar by Wildsmith

5 min Wednesday got off to a good start and look lively in possession of the ball. For tactics fans, this is their revised line-up:

4 min Adam Reach is 25 yards from the gate in space He pushes the ball forward and hits a rising ride over the gate which is pushed back by Olsen It was a pretty comfortable save, but it was a good hit too by Reach

1 min peep peep! Sheffield Wednesday starts in her black away jersey from left to right Everton is in blue

The BT Sport folks played Sheffield Wednesday a 3-5-2, with Harris and Galvin as full-backs and Green and Paterson up front. We’ll find out soon

Here come the teams I should have said that the Everton bench says Thierry Small, a 16-year-old left-back He’ll be her youngest ever player if he progresses

Sri Lanka wicketkeeper Dickwella likes to chat! ð ???? ¬ð ???? ¬ð ???? ¬He teased Bairstow for “falling”, welcomed Lawrence’s game against the spin – and asked Root for a bat! ð ?? ¤ £ # SLvENG ð ???? ± ð ???? ° ð ???? ´ó ?? §Ó ?? ¢ ó ?? ¥ ó ?? ®ó ?? §Ó ?? ¿Ð ???? º Watch ð ?????? https: // tco / bT0CP9Q8Noð ???? ± Blog ð ?????? https: // tco / cJNbB8VWVV BildTwittercom / yjBFSWII6F

???? Hello Rob, ???? Says Matt Burtz Given the injuries and the Leicester game on Wednesday, this is probably Carlo’s strongest line-up as you haven’t played in 12 days and there shouldn’t be any excuses here but as you’ve already noticed this is Everton, over we speak, fingers crossed

You’ve had some special cup defeats since the turn of the century, haven’t you? We all remember Shrewsbury, but there are also Oldham, Tranmere, Reading, Wigan and even Liverpool reserves last year

“Evening, Smyth” says Sean Clayton â ???? This could be a massacre – Everton got DCL and James against four on Wednesday, including three U-23 players with fewer than 10 career starts each. What’s the audio version of watching through your fingers? ????

Good question listening through headphones with the commentary in one ear and Brian Eno in the other?

Everton (4-2-3-1) Olsen; Coleman, Holgate, Mina, Godfrey; Doucoure, Gomes; James, Sigurdsson, Richarlison; Calvert-Lewin Substitutes: Pickford, Lossl, Kenny, Keane, Bernard, Gordon, Davies, Small, Onyango

Sheffield Wednesday (4-2-3-1) Wildsmith; Urhoghide, Brennan, Borner, Galvin; Bannan, Pelupessy; Harris, Reach, Green; Paterson Substitutes: Jackson, Palmer, Marriott, Penney, Dele-Bashiru, Windass, Brown, Hunt, Kachunga

If you don’t want to know the Man Utd / Liverpool score look the other way before I post the next entry

Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who sustained a hamstring injury, is playing for the first time since New Years Carlo Ancelotti has chosen a very strong team despite Jordan Pickford and Michael Keane taking a break

Andre Green is making his debut for Sheffield Wednesday, although we’re not sure if he will play wide or ahead without youthful defender Liam Shaw, who played brilliantly in those three wins under Neil Thompson, there is no official Explanation of why Shaw isn’t involved tonight, but if you fancy some flawless, baseless, clueless, meaningless, worthless, mindless, pointless speculation about why he’s not involved, check out Twitter ancom Where Less Is More

? I?? TEAM NEWS! a?? ï¸ ?? â ?? «Ï¸ ?? @ CalvertLewin14 returnsâ ?? «Ï¸ ?? The teenagers Thierry Small (16) and Tyler Onyango (17) sit on the bench # EmiratesFACup #COYB BildTwittercom / YjtZFMVIsa

Hello In the FA Cup, every game tells a story Today’s meeting between Everton and Sheffield on Wednesday at Goodison Park is reminiscent of two classic ties The 1966 FA Cup Final, when Everton came down 2-0 to win 3-2, and the 1988 marathon, when it took four games to separate the teams in the third round after three 1-1 -Everton drew with a perverted 5-0 win at Hillsborough (There was also a quarter-finals in 1906, Everton won 4-3, but you don’t care, xenophobia)

Logic suggests this will be a comfortable game for Everton, although we have said this a few times in the 26 years since we last won the FA Cup; you are sixth in the Premier League; Sheffield Wednesday is 23 in the championship Even without her six-point deduction, Wednesday would only be the 20th Place

To make matters worse, the last two games have been postponed due to a Covid outbreak but their form before that was flawless, with three out of three wins under caretaker manager Neil Thompson, so a shock may not be beyond that If Wednesday wins it will add to an already rich story the next time these two meet in the FA Cup

Start is at 8 p.m. Winners will be at Wycombe or Spurs’ homes in the fifth round

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