Posted: 16:13 GMT, Jan. December 2020 | Updated: 17:52 GMT, Jan. December 2020

Carlo Ancelotti’s side could move up to second place if they can secure a win

Arsenal are in 15th place after six games in the Premier League without a win place Four of these games ended in defeat

Follow Sportsmail’s Jeorge Bird for live EPL coverage of Everton v Arsenal, including scores, line-up and build-up

Everton took the lead, and Iwobi sent a cross and Holding scored an own goal under pressure from Calvert-Lewin

20 minutes: Keane tries to pick Calvert-Lewin, but Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno can claim the ball for himself

14 minutes: The game’s first real effort as Everton’s defender Michael Keane pushes the ball forward and sends in a try from a distance

10 minutes: Arsenal are very low in the opening stages and Everton have enjoyed most of the possession so far

6 minutes: Great game from Doucoure to Muscat Willian Everton wants to make a difference early on

1 min: Sigurdsson’s cross goes out of the game Everton saw a lot of the ball very early on

Gabriel Martinelli has been out due to injury since last season but the highly regarded Brazilian youngster is on the bench for Arsenal today. Will it be too early for him to return or will he be able to make a difference ?

Carlo Ancelotti said he didn’t want to take any chances with the injured Andre Gomes but the midfielder could return in the Carabao Cup against Manchester United on Wednesday

Everton will go into this game with confidence after winning their last two league games. A win today would put Carlo Ancelotti’s side at least temporarily in second place

Arsenal have been sad lately in the league – they have been around since defeating Manchester United on Jan. November not won

It’s also an important opportunity for Arteta to return to Goodison Park, where he played for Everton between 2005 and 2011

Everton will have to do without Allan and James Rodriguez, both injured, but Ancelotti still has some formidable opportunities to play

Hello and welcome to our coverage of Everton v Arsenal. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the fight at Goodison Park

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Everton v Arsenal

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