EastEnders’ Tina Carter actress Luisa Bradshaw-White starred in ITV’s All Star Musicals on Sunday, and fans joked that her soap character was’ back’ from the dead ‘

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EastEnders fans who listened to ITV’s All Star Musicals on Sunday night joked that Tina Carter was still alive after the character was murdered in December

But some viewers stayed behind, suggesting that her appearance in the one-off special might have given a clue to the true fate of the character in the BBC soap

A viewer spotted a “clue” that he believed Tina was actually alive, according to previous speculation by viewers, there may be a twist

Actress Luisa recently confirmed that there is no going back for her character and that Tina is indeed dead

Gray Atkins murdered Tina before disposing of her body after finding out that he killed his wife, Chantelle Atkins

Now a fan asked if there would be a twist, since Luisa “still has the same pink hair” as her character Tina when she died

While it doesn’t look like the actress has changed her hair color since filming the soap, that hasn’t stopped fans from finding any possible clue that she might still be able to play the role – though it’s more likely that Luisa just decided to keep her hair this color

One viewer wrote: “Luisa still has the hair color when Tina ‘died’, AKA Tina is still alive”

Another tweeted, “I hope Louisa reveals where Tina is I bet she’s still alive #EastEnders #AllStarMusicals”

Fourth joke: “Hold onto Tina from Eastenders not that she wanted Beale for the murder of Ian talk about laying down “

Luisa Bradshaw-White

World News – GB – EastEnders ‘Tina Carter’ is still ‘alive’ as fans ‘reference’ to All Star Musicals

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