“There is no such thing as a midlife crisis car – what there is is a midlife opportunity car”

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BBC One’s Top Gear viewers were puzzled when one of the presenters revealed his age

Freddie Flintoff showed the TVR chimera – a car he called the “Midlife Opportunity Car”

He said, “We said what you are talking about, there is no such thing as a midlife crisis car – what there is is a midlife opportunity car

“A car bought by men of a certain age to make them feel good”

He told viewers he originally wanted one when he was 21 but no one would insure him

He said, “Need a bit of a fuss? Trust me this will shake you up. This is a sports car for the purest. This thing will throw you in a hedge if you come on the wrong side

“But the best part is that it was built in Lancashire, making it on my big list

“I wanted to buy one of these when I was 21 I went to the Blackpool factory and looked around I pretty much got this identical car in silver, but the problem was I couldn’t insure myself – no one would have me

Fans of the show were stunned to learn that he was already in his forties @ Munden87 tweeted: “@ flintoff11 generally thought you were still in your thirties until you said”

on #topgear tonight ”

@ryanjshaws said: “Freddie Flintoff, who talks about the midlife crisis and got his ear pierced at the age of 43, is pretty funny!”

And there have been many who said they would tune into the show just because of Freddie

And @HThorrington_ added, “The crush I have on Freddie Flintoff with an earring knows no bounds”

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Freddie Flintoff

World News – GB – BBC Top Gear fans confused about the presenter’s age

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