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Anna, 44, rose to fame as Beth Jordache on the hit Channel 4 soap and said their relationship collapsed when she was forced to spend all of her time with her partner

The actress also predicted that many couples would not survive the lockdown due to new pressures that would weigh on them

In an interview with your magazine, Anna said, “A relationship I was in for four years broke down after about the first two weeks “

She went on to say that they quickly became an emotional victim of the pandemic – Mirror Online reported

Anna said, “When we went into lockdown, I remember thinking, ‘God, there are going to be so many people breaking up along the way’

“While I like to keep my personal life incredibly private, I think there will be such a fallout in the end that it is important to say, ‘I am human, it happens to all of us and it is difficult'”

While Anna does not name who her ex-partner is, she has been linked to 42-year-old Regimental Corporal Major Mark Jaworski

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They have been reported to have been together at a charity dinner in Windsor since meeting them

Jaworski served with the Life Guards Regiment of the Household Cavalry at Combermere Barracks in Windsor, where Princes William and Harry appeared as members of the Blues and Royals section

Anna said she spent the time during the lockdown reflecting on her home life with 15-year-old daughter Gracie from her relationship with actor David Thewlis

She continued, “Maybe I’m more thoughtful because you usually don’t have time to stop and analyze these things. You just keep moving

“Even when you are in a relationship, some of my friends still suffer from extreme loneliness because they are used to being busy”

She also shared her concerns about her daughter leaving the house at the earliest possible time since she is 16 years old Birthday is on the horizon

“I always joke with Gracie: ‘Mom will get a house for you and I will live in the garden I can help with the grandchildren'”

Anna Friel

World News – GB – Anna Friel’s relationship was killed two weeks after the lockdown