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Barney, the son of Chase star Bradley Walsh, appeared on the show and played “Flash, Bang Wallop” from the musical Half a Sixpence

Barney managed to perform well despite admitting he was so nervous about going to the show

After the song, Barney faced the judges and everyone complimented him saying he did a “fantastic” job and made it look easy when it was anything but that

Before Barney’s turn, Judge Robert Rinder performed “Be our Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast” and got full marks at 30/30

Many viewers who saw the show expected Barney to get the same result as many of them thought his performance was better than Rob’s

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When Barney’s grades came in, he scored a good 26/30, but many viewers thought it wasn’t high enough and used social media to question the judge’s decision

Gailsy said, “Poor Barney got his bum off the singing and dancing and not getting full marks, I’m missing something lol”

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Ophelia said: “BARNEY IS STILL THE BEST BY #AllStarMusicals AND DESERVES 30 STARS, who else agrees?”

Rachel Burgess said, “Don’t get the #AllStarMusicals rating? How did everyone but Barney get 10s? His was by far the best ever””

Barney Walsh

World News – GB – All Star Musicals fans go wild after Barney Walsh’s appearance