Turkish center-back Ozan Kabak is considered one of the most exciting defensive talents in Europe and is now hoping to live up to the hype after joining Liverpool on loan

The 20-year-old defender landed on Merseyside shortly before the transfer date after signing a six-month loan deal with the German Bundesliga fighter Schalke 04

So who is the Turkish child prodigy and is he cut out for life in the Premier League?

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp praised Kabak as the “real personality” and “really, really great talent” after signing the 20-year-old

That may be high praise for a player who has fought relegation at Schalke and VfB Stuttgart in the last few years in the Bundesliga, but Kabak comes with a glowing hint from Klopp’s close friend and former Schalke coach David Wagner

Although Kabak is a center-back by profession, his pace and aerial skills make him a threat for the future

He scored three goals in his first ten games after joining Stuttgart as a teenager in January 2019 and found the net in consecutive games for Schalke last November

Kabak’s talent, who was relegated with Stuttgart in 2019 and is now bottom of the table with the crisis-ridden Schalke, has often been overshadowed by the poor form of his team

Still, he was a key player in Schalke’s excellent start to the 2019/20 season and helped Wagner’s team move up to third place before their dramatic collapse

“He is not only a great talent, he is also a very intelligent man – a young man who knows exactly what he wants,” Wagner told Sport1 in 2019

Kabak, who made his international debut at the age of 19, is certainly a player with a lot of ambition, as he revealed in an interview with the Bundesliga website last year

“My personal goal is to become a top defender like Virgil van Dijk in maybe two or three years. He is my idol,” said the Turkish defender

After Van Dijk is injured, the 20-year-old now has the opportunity to undercut his idol in Liverpool

For the seven-time Turkish international, it was also an opportunity to break free from the shackles of Schalke and prove himself in the elite

“When Ozan heard the name Liverpool, he didn’t hesitate. If you have a chance like this, you don’t have to think about it,” Schalke coach Christian Gross admitted on Tuesday

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Leading golf authorities on Tuesday announced their intention to save the future of the sport from the big hits by unveiling proposals to curb Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy’s two governing bodies, the R&A and the US Golf Association , have paved the way for equipment restrictions, including limiting rider length and introducing a standardized tournament ball on tours. The growing distance problem facing golf is leading to the ruin of great golf courses The move will likely abandon DeChambeau’s plan to use a 48-inch driver to overwhelm Augusta National in ruins at the Masters in April.It was the milestone the purists – including Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods – had been waiting for since the Powers to come who were signaled last February that they were finally ready to attack the professional with the “Distance Insights” project. The game length problem pointed out by their joint studies was “decisive for the future of the game” The pandemic put a pause on progress, but it has resumed and has finally reached what is known as the “resolution phase” With Martin Slumbers, the managing director of R&A, the Telegraph Sport confirmed on Tuesday that a radical overhaul of the professional game was as good as inevitable – “it is highly unlikely that we will do nothing in the end” – feedback on the issues is now being collected Possible use of a local rule specifying the use of clubs and balls intended to result in shorter striking distances. Comments were obtained in the short term on the proposal to introduce a local rule that would reduce the maximum length of the non-putter club from 48 to 46 inches The deadline for this is the 4th March Augusta and any other tournament organizer can, as expected, curb the long hitters. Slumbers denied that it was “individually specific” but accepted that the big minds out there could be “personalized” The big battle, however, will surely lie in the attempts by the R&A and the USGA to convince equipment manufacturers to review the general compliance specifications for clubs and balls, including specifications that directly affect hitting distances, meaning that the ruling bodies issues like limiting ball efficiency, ball sizes and weights, downsizing and shortening the driver, and reducing the feathery effect in faces and the moment of inertia in club heads, you’ve decided to follow the “local rule” to make sure that golf continues to have a set of rules that professionals and amateurs of all classes adhere to. “Local rules” are not part of the official set of rules, but an amendment or addition to a rule that any tournament committee can adopt for a particular competition Acted differently and would ultimately mean that while the weekend hacker would still be able to take advantage of the best technology they can offer – there is no appetite to change things significantly in the recreational field – however, Schlummer sees groundbreaking limitations not so “The local rule could be applied on a much larger scale than the professional game or the elite amateur game,” he said. “I find it misleading to say that it is all about elite golf, no doubt the lawyers are already familiar with that Device makers are working together desperately to protect their billion dollar industries, but the hope is that an agreement can be reached after the feedback period is completed in November, “This is a serious problem and this is the time for serious thought.” I am confident that the game and its many facets can come together to do what is right for our sport, “said Slumbers. It is a complex topic, but Slumbers pointed out that while the conversations should be so lengthy, as they are responsible but not to drag on DeChambeau is already threatening the 400 yard mark and there is an urgent need to curb bombers to ensure great routes are not out of date and the game does not get too one-dimensional “there is.” a balance between skill and technology that we’re looking for because the game is in danger of losing that balance, “said Slumbers.” After the lockdown, the various tours, governing bodies, golf associations, golf unions and bodies like Augusta and the PGA of America came together to make sure the sport is back to being as effective as possible That gives me confidence on this “Mike Davis, Slumbers’ official At USGA, added, “This is the long term for the entire game. Golfers need to understand that this additional generation who keep hitting the ball is negatively impacting the game. The cost of this is borne by all golfers. We’re just trying to get the game back.” bring to golf courses “Local Rule” route perfect plan to thwart big hitters The R&A and the United States Golf Association are far from stupid and are well aware that with their equipment manufacturers they have a battle against the equipment routes on their hands become professional game However, if they expected this to be essentially a fight with the bombers on tour, then Webb Simpson insisted that even the conspirators could be in opposition Simpson, number 9 in the world, is one of the shortest players in the elite He occupies the 114 Place in the PGA Tour driving distance stats after failing to make it into the top 100 for the past six seasons If the power of Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy were suddenly curtailed, it should surely be good for Simpson’s chances of making the one major to be added to his resume

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Ozan Kabak

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