(NerdWallet) – With all the chaos in retail and the change of 2020, at least one thing remains the same: the biggest sales day of the year

Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving – is considered the best time of year to shop almost anything

Even if Black Friday still exists in 2020, it won’t be the same experience as it did before Our guide can help you get the best bargains this November 27

Last year Target sold a 65-inch TV in stores for just $ 27999 Walmart also had a 65-inch TV for just $ 278 This Black Friday you’re guaranteed discounts on TVs, tablets and laptops

You can find video games, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays on some hosiery to match your new TV, all of which are heavily discounted from original prices In 2019, Walmart had over 50 movie titles for $ 196 apiece / p>
Historically, it is best to wait until just before Christmas to buy dolls, action figures, play sets, and other toys – you run the risk of certain items selling out, but you may also be able to make greater savings on the remaining items

In recent years, selected toys have been sold up to 50% cheaper in the last days before Christmas

There is one particular electronic brand popular on Black Friday: Apple Large retail stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart discount Apple products every year, and previous generation models usually see dramatic deals These deals can include price cuts, free gift cards upon purchase (up to $ 400 on a qualifying phone purchase in an installment plan) or a combination of the two include

Target devoted a full page to Apple on its Black Friday ad for 2019 The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) started at $ 16999 (regularly $ 19999), and if you select App Store and iTunes gift cards bought, get one 30% discount

Apple discounts are unlikely to go away this Black Friday In fact, Apple items were already on sale before Black Friday keep an eye out for deals on MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs

You have the entertainment center covered, but before you stock up on supplies to freshen up the look of your bedroom this Black Friday,

Retailers like Overstock, Pottery Barn and Sears run “White Sales” every January. “During these seasonal promotions, discounts on bedding, pillows, towels and linens can be as high as 70% Expect this to come after Jan 1

Black Friday is Big for Gamers Look for savings on video game systems from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop this year. Expect deals on products from Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo

You will also find particularly good deals on game packages, including the game console and a combination of accessories or games

Winter clothing is generally not the best value on Black Friday. Retailers often have big jackets on sale as winter gives way to spring

But if you need something to keep you warm beforehand, you’ll find some bargains this Black Friday. Year after year, department stores are happy to offer bouncer deals on women’s boots with select pairs for just $ 19 $ 99 each

If you miss Black Friday don’t worry department stores and clothing stores have been introducing new sales almost every day

Post-Christmas sales occur every December 26 as shoppers make their way to the store to return gifts, with Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, tinsel, and other seasonal ingredients selling for (for obvious reasons) very low prices Prices also fall in the last few weeks before Christmas

It is for these reasons that Christmas decorations were on our list of items to skip on Black Friday, but this year you are less likely to be in the mall just before Christmas Waiting for an online order can cause shipping delays

/ p>

So if you’re in need of decorations, get deals on fake trees and wrapping paper rolls from home and craft stores on Black Friday – this way, you’ll have the essentials in time for Christmas

If you haven’t picked up these products by the end of this summer, wait for Memorial Day and Labor Day sales to start next year.Another viable option is the Spring Black Friday sale, which the Lowe’s hardware store typically hosts each year

Black Friday brings big savings on washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances. Retailers typically rate home appliances by 40%. Look for similarly deep discounts this year as well

You can also buy smaller appliances like coffee makers, blenders, blenders, or vacuum cleaners. Expect deals from department stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JCPenney

For the Ultimate Combination of Convenience, Safety, and Savings, Spring Is Out For Online Shopping With so many stores closed on Thanksgiving, big box retailers are bringing their bouncers online this Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Online shoppers usually get free shipping. You can also make purchases online and in-store for pickup

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