In Manchester United’s illustrious history there have been only two cases where they haven’t won any of their first five home games of a league season.Luckily for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, his side managed to avoid a shameful third place, but only after another penalty, which ended a nearly five and a half hour drought in the league at Old Trafford and West Bromwich Albion, a penalty was controversially overturned for himself

Bruno Fernandes’ initial penalty had been saved by Sam Johnstone, but the West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper and former United trainee had strayed from his line when he dived deep to the left to keep the ball out and Dem as such Portuguese midfielder offered the opportunity to atone Much like he did in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain last month in similar circumstances, Fernandes made no mistake on his second attempt

However, it wasn’t the only criminal drama Fernandes was involved in on the night – or one that West Brom got worse off, Conor Gallagher believed he had given his team a penalty after falling under Fernandes’ challenge was David Coote pointed to the penalty but after the subsequent VAR review the referee came to the pitchside monitor to re-investigate the incident and overturned his decision Slaven Bilic was already dismayed that United’s penalty kicked after a foul by Fred was allowed to stand on Gallagher before Darnell Furlong handled Juan Mata’s cross, and tried to hide his anger at Coote’s decision to forego his original call

“I’m really disappointed with the decision” Bilic said for the entire second half I felt like a little West Brom. All those crucial decisions were against us I’ve seen it a couple of times now and for me it’s a clear penalty for Conor Gallagher I don’t understand why he turned this upside down

“Your punishment, it’s a handball, it’s a bit unfortunate, but under the new rules it’s handball”But before handball it was a clear foul on Conor Gallagher. Instead of 1-0 for us, it’s 1-0 for them and against Man United it’s a big difference, it’s crucial, it’s game overâ ????

Even Solskjaer admitted United were lucky enough to have West Brom’s sentence overturned “We may be a little lucky but the rules may be different from how I interpret them”said the United manager

Victory moved United to ninth place ahead of Manchester City, while West Brom remained in the bottom three positions after nine games without a win. But while Bilic’s side was in part thanks to Johnstone who made good saves to Anthony Martial, Marcus Refusing Rashford and Harry Maguire, as well as United’s waste, earned them something from the game

United has only scored once from the open game at Old Trafford in the league this season – in their first loss to Crystal Palace – and Fernandesâ ???? The penalty was their first home goal in the competition in five hours and 24 minutes since his free kick against Spurs that opened the floodgates that 6-1 draw seems to have really hit United, certainly at home

Given how West Brom broke through them on occasion, Solskjaer could argue that he rightly started with two defensive minded midfielders in Fred and Nemanja Matic, but this seemed like an opportunity United should have let go of after Martial in the 16th Minute after a good change in sales missed an excellent chance to open the standings, United fought for a real attack rhythm and the game followed a familiar pattern.It just looks like hard work for this team at times

“It’s important to get your first home win A lot has been written about it and you could see by the end that we were a little nervous”? Said Solskjaer,” We should probably have scored a few more goals to improve, but at 1-0 you are never sure and it is a tough call both ways

“The league this season is going to be ups and downs and inconsistent, unpredictable, we saw some results today”The league is not really settling down. It is very close. Points are sometimes more important than performance”

It would have been interesting to see how United had reacted if Coote had stood by his original penalty Karlan Grant had got around outside Maguire, shot forward and shoved the ball to Gallagher, who fell to the ground under the challenge of Fernandes The latter got the ball first, but also got the man and violently protested against Coote after the referee pointed to the spot. Was that in Coote’s head as he reviewed the decision? Maybe, but it was a big call anyway

However, West Brom was not deterred and should have taken the lead soon after, Furlong’s Cross sailed unchallenged from right to left to the feet of Conor Townsend, who had only David De Gea to beat, and it was a great chance, and despite him hit his shot well, he was close enough to the United goalkeeper to save with his outstretched left shoe

A major intervention and a West Brom would have been a cause for concern a moment later when United walked down the other end and Mata’s intended cross was handled by Furlong West Brom defender looked away from the ball and didn’t know much about it – much like how the penalty Joe Gomez conceded for Liverpool this month against Manchester City – but it was the right decision under the current rules.Nevertheless, Fred Gallagher had fouled in the build-up – an infringement missed by both Coote and VAR

Fernandes was relieved to get a second bite of the cherry after Johnstone saved his first penalty, but West Brom kept coming back and nearly equalized, thanks in no small part to Bilic’s two substitutes, Hal Robson-Kanu and Callum Robinson Robson -Canu turned around in the middle and sprayed a pass on Gallagher, who put the ball on Robinson. His shot whistled over De Gea, but shot back from the crossbar. Even more misfortune for the visiting team

United claims their first home win of the season, beating Man City The less the performance is said, the better West Brom will curse their luck after canceling a penalty and Fernandes converting another free kick

Excellent block from Furlong to refuse martial, but United has a corner and an inch closer to the finish line

Stoppage time is four minutes. While there is still a one-goal deficit, there is hope for West Brom

Bilic is out of his technical field and is trying to bring his team forward and they have good possession United falls out and defends his own defensive third Martial then leads the counterattack and wins a foul from Ajayi

Both teams look shaken now but United has a chance to breathe on the ball, but they give it away before Gallgher looks for a foul. Bartley then wins a major tackle to stop the United break

Cavani and Martial fail to combine and West Brom then has a chance to throw numbers forward. But then Furlong trips on his own feet and gives United a kick McTominay will replace Fred

Van De Beek is now joining United, replacing Mata, whose race has been driven, the game has calmed down a bit and neither side has created a chance of a grade

United had numbers on the counter there but played too much and eventually went to Fernandes on the edge of the box, whose shot was fired Fernandes then looked exaggeratedly for Rashford, who didn’t quite get the ball

Nice job by Ajayi, going forward, losing it and then chasing back to pinch the ball from Matic Moments ago, Cavani shot into the box and his shot was blocked

West Brom is a little more open now and Rashford crosses from a defender’s shin to a corner Cavni turns it on at the near post and the ball falls on the back stick for Maguire who hit his shot into the ground and Johnstone makes another stop

More exploits by Johnstone Fernandes fed a pass that trickled down the far post as far as Rashford He worked a yard trying to get the ball into the farthest corner, but the West Brom goalkeeper got fingertips

What a stunning introduction from Robinson to the game Gallagher leads the West Brom indictment again, putting the pass back on Robinson, who pulls the curler from the left corner of the box about 25 yards away, and the ball cannons with him De Gea beats the bar

50% – Half of Bruno Fernandes’ goals in the Premier League for Man Utd were penalties (7/14), the highest rate of any player who scored a goal for the club in the competition expert #MUNWBA

What a crazy, eventful start to the half West Brom should probably be a goal up, but finding a goal down United still looks a little below par and is suddenly all ragged

This time he goes to Johnstone’s right and shoots past him. Under the law, Coote rightly instructed Fernandes to retake it, but given the circumstances, West Brom will be furious

West Brom will feel that justice is done as Johnstone brilliantly rescues on his left but wait! Var’s verdict is that he jumped off his line before saving. The penalty will be RETAKING!

Furlong punished for handball The ball hit his hand but the defender had turned his back on it It was Mata’s cross that hit him Will stir up feelings of injustice

Another great opportunity for West Brom! Brilliant from De Gea to rescue with one leg outstretched with Townsend free at the rear post

An exhilarating start to the half – Rashford flies from a distance and Johnstone knocks him over the post

David Coote has judged that Fernandes has a weak touch on the ball. Peter Walton is surprised that the decision has been overturned. West Brom may feel hurt there

Well, well West Brom gets in behind Maguire and for a moment it looked like he was going to give Grant a penalty but the West Brom striker stayed up and got Gallgher out with a pass. Fernandes crawled back and wanted him wrap on the shin

Referee looks at monitor, it was hard to see if Fernandes had an incision on the ball before touching Gallagher Marginal

Neither manager has made a change, but United needs to be more intense in this half

United will point to two good saves from Johnstone, both from Martial, as proof they should be up front, but the truth is, the standard of their general play was not good enough

United tries to turn the screw, but West Brom stands firm. There will only be an extra minute

Wan Bissaka gets in on the right after Fernandes scooped him over the top Mata runs to the near post and lets go of the cross before Furlong pounds it off West Brom misses the chance to break with a misplaced pass and United has him back

Good play from Gallagher pushing forward from West Brom’s midfield and then Diangana’s shot is deflected for a corner West Brom sends her three mid-halves up and Bartley wins, but his header lands on the roof of the net

United are starting to attack more easily now, West Brom have stopped holding the ball Ivanovic will face his old Chelsea team-mate Mata and would do well not to miss a penalty Then a pass in the direction of Wan-Bissaka is too difficult

Fast feet from Martial to dodge a few tackles from West Brom and his shot deflected for a corner from about 25 yards These are big moments for West Brom who have done so well so far, Maguire seemed to have pushed Ivanovic before he shot a shot straight into Bartley’s pulp at close range Fortunately, the West Brom defender is back on his feet

That was almost Fernandes’ pass of the season cut with the outside of his foot over it to pick Mata at the back post, but Townsend got back on to harass himself and Johnstone. Almost a moment of magic >

Fernandes is furious at himself for misplacing an attempted pass ball that sums up United’s performance so far. Martial’s shirt was pulled on that penalty but it was too easy

Good back pass from Mata to Martial down right and United sutatin the attackMartial then goes into the area looking for a penalty Var looks at them It seemed the United striker went under easilyCheck complete, no penalty

Confidence grows and West Brom begins to expand the pitch which could suit United. It wasn’t great from the home team but Johnstone still had to make two good saves

Good chance that Pereira slips a good pass between Maguire and Lindelof for West Brom for a diagonal residue from Grant, whose shot Lindelof cuts close to the post United clears the corner

West Brom plays well in midfield, not United’s strongest division, and has to see a fair bit of the ball in the final minutes Townsend offers a dangerous overlap from the left back, but the ball goes out of play for a goal kick

United draws closer After a good spell of West Brom possession, Ajayi passed the ball straight to Maguire, who fed Rashford on the counterattack. He picked Fernandes, all alone in the box, and knocked Martial over Martial with a first dismissal aimed his shot at the target, but Johnstone got well on his left to keep him out

That was United’s best move of the game Fernandes pushed Martial a pass into the ravine between the wide center-back and the full-back and fed the penalty area with a dangerous ball that Furling on the back post cleared well

Fred goes downstairs looking for a free kick halfway through – referee has none of it – but then Fernandes wins a foul by Pereira Sloppy from Matic to return the ball to West Brom

Rashford tried to hover a cross for Fernandes, but it was too heavy and West Brom took a kick, Mata wants too many touches on the right wing and Diangana holds on well Ajayi then steps in to get the ball ahead Rashford to win

West Brom has a chance to have some possession in the United half, but the move collapses with Grant

Gallagher tries to put Matic into a mistake but the United midfielder kept the head and the home team got the ball There have been positive results in West Brom’s appearance against Spurs and they want to build on that so far, no real alarms in open play

Rashford operates from the left in the early minutes and is supported by Telles on this flank. Currently not much rhythm over the home team

Looks to me like West Brom is developing to a 5-3-2 with Grant and Diangana in the lead. Bartley, Ivanovic and Ajayi as the three center-backs Bartley gives away a foul on the right and it turns out almost as costly: Martial won a header on the near post and Johnstone saved to his right to scrape it away

United gets us on our way and kicks in the first half towards the empty Stretford End

Is there enough creativity in this United midfield? Mata was brilliant in that role from the right in Newcastle

Man Utd: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Alex Telles, Matic, Mata, Fred, Bruno Fernandes, Martial, Rashford

Man City have just lost at Spurs so United can jump over them in the table if they take all three points tonight, which is quite remarkable given the fate and darkness at the club over the past few months

Pogba wasn’t seen at the team hotel this afternoon, so his absence is no surprise. What is surprising is Matic’s recording of McTominay

ð ???? ¨ We present our starting XI for West Brom tonight! ð ?????? ð ???? ´ #MUFC # ï¸ ?? â £ £ MUNWBAð ?????? #PL

ð ???? ¨ We present our starting XI for West Brom tonight! ð ?????? ð ???? ´ #MUFC # ï¸ ?? â £ £ MUNWBAð ?????? #PL

The Vultures circled Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United prior to their trip to Everton, but they managed to pull a result out of the fire and Solskjaer needs this game to be a line in the sand

United have yet to win one Premier League game at Old Trafford this season as there is no goal against Chelsea and Arsenal You won’t have much more chance than against West Bromwich Albion Slaven Bilic’s side have scored one goal in their last five league games, the lowest expected total in the league and the second highest expected total conceded so not the ideal combination

Solskjaer hopes to have Marcus Rashford fit despite reports of shoulder injury Alex Telles may be available, but Victor Lindelof’s ongoing back problem and Mason Greenwood’s recent illness cast doubt on their involvement, all eyes will be on what Solskjaer is central to Midfield does Paul Pogba and Donny van De Beek are fighting to get the regular seats A brief flirtation with a midfield diamond appears to have been abandoned

West Brom has had some Covid-19 absences to tackle, including last season’s key creative outlet, Matheus Pereira. West Brom has taken three wins at Old Trafford since Sir Alex Ferguson’s resignation

As a club, we’ve done really well lately at Old Trafford, “Bilic said.” Last four or five times I’ve got a pretty good record considering it’s Man United with West Ham

???? Every game is difficult, especially for us because we’re newbies but that’s still Man United away. If you see their list, it’s massive

“It’s a great opportunity for us too, but first we have to do what we did against Spurs and some others – to make it hard to try to penetrate, to hold”the ball to be resilient, to have numbers behind the ball if necessary and to keep them away from our box

â € œThatâ € ™ s our plan, whoever we play against. We know what they have in their locker. We know they have speed, quality and can score from midfield

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