This sensational, life-affirming final concludes our coverage of the Welsh Open Thank you for staying with us We’ll be back for you shortly with more live snooker coverage

Along with the trophy, which is seventy big for Jordan and an automatic spot in next season’s Champion of Champions, after Alex Higgins, Dennis Taylor and Mark Allen, he is the fourth Northern Irish player to win a title on what for a week he had

Jordan Brown raises the Ray Reardon Trophy as the confetti falls on him Ronnie O’Sullivan, who paid tribute to how well Jordan played in his interview today, looks on and smiles applauds He knows a player and he knows when he is was beaten fairly and honestly It’s one of the biggest surprises we’ve ever seen in a grand final, and who knows what Jordan could do from here? “Don’t stop believing in yourself,” he says of Andy Goldstein at the Eurosport studio If he continues to believe in himself and play like he did this week at Celtic Manor, Brown is going to the right places p>

If that doesn’t lift your soul it won’t work. What a fantastic win and so deserved Jordan Brown survived every scintilla of what Mark Selby could throw at him on Friday, wiping out Stephen Maguire yesterday to make it to the final today he beat the greatest player who ever played that game to win his first title.He worked part-time at a gas station five years ago and wasn’t sure if he would continue the game in any place at all now, at 33 years old , he has landed one of the most prestigious ranking events on the World Snooker Tour. In his interview with Rob Walker he holds back tears. What an achievement What a player!

Oh, he blows the air as they go in now, and so should he. He pauses at 74 before it gets shortened with three shades of red out there Ronnie admits, and what a moment, folks – Jordan Brown , Ranked 81st in the world, shocked the world and beat Ronnie to win the Welsh Open!

He’s getting closer A red in the lower right, followed by a pink, pauses at 65, 67 are left Brown takes a deep breath and aligns the frame ball and the red goes into the heart in the lower right! Jordan Brown will win the Welsh Open!

Brown’s temper has been his greatest asset all week, and he’s going to need it here.He almost misses the black by the time he turns 40, and drops a difficult red in the center left to keep going, but he drops it Welded to the side pillow Just as he needs a big recovery shot, Brown finds one, cuts the blue in the center right, and comes off the top pillow to land plum on his next red

This is the ninth crucial frame in the history of the Welsh Open finals Ronnie won two of them and lost one. He gets an incredible touch with his first shot when he wildly misses a red and puts it in the yellow pocket, but he can’t follow it up with the green and Brown climbs up with a red in the middle bottom right a One Chance is all you ask for in a decision maker, and Brown has taken three shades of red and black so far

A champion’s answer; A total rating of 119 brings the match level Brown can still be a champion here, because we have a one-frame shoot for the Welsh Open title!

The green brings O’Sullivan to 60, 59 are left. He has established position on one of the four reds near the black; We’re going to a decision

Given the circumstances, this is a world champion’s free run.A sensational blue, just around the angles of three pillows in and out of the floor to land on its next red, could be the shot of the game.It was hard work, however he has earned the chance to win this match

The edges in this game, yikes one bad security from O’Sullivan hits the brown, sends the white behind the yellow, leaving Brown with mere millimeters on a red to the center left and one to the bottom right Oh my god ! Jordan tries to get around the yellow and pot the latter, but he misses it and leaves it on for O’Sullivan.It’s a chance and a bright long blue from Ronnie at the start of the break keeps him going, then he dangerously approaches getting in if he plays in the pack and takes out an excellent recovery pot on a red border at the bottom right to regain his position. That’s exciting stuff

He had to punish O’Sullivan’s mistake, and he did. A break of 56 puts Brown one frame away from a sensational win!

O’Sullivan is overlapping a pink in the lower right, and what a chance this is for Brown! Ronnie is furious at himself and Jordan just has to punish this if he wants to win the title. His break quickly reaches 41 and if he sheds the pink he finally puts the frame ball red off the bottom pillow in position Shot, Jordan!

A good security from Brown forces a mistake from O’Sullivan, who looks out of the pack from an escape with dead weights and leaves a red in the bottom left. Brown makes 13, but misses an uncomfortable green with the rest Ronnie has a chance and two great blues at the beginning of his break bring some momentum. From a third he explodes the pack, lets go of the pink and conjures up a great chance to win the frame

A break from 58 leaves Brown 64 behind, 51 stays outside. He gives it up and we’re all square. It’s now the best of three for the Ray Reardon Trophy

This is a master class for the blue; It’s been half a century for O’Sullivan and Brown needs a snooker now. What an extraordinary break

Poor security leaves Ronnie red in the center left but he can only make six out of the opportunity. Jordan tosses him another after good security from O’Sullivan forced a mistake and he cuts a red in the lower left It’s a tricky table with pink and black ties, but he’s got both of them free now, having split the pack out of the blue, and now it’s all there for O’Sullivan

A brilliant snooker from O’Sullivan causes Brown to hit the black in his escape It’s a chance to dine for Ronnie but he misses a shocker of red in the lower left and he lets Jordan in Oh my god that is huge at this point Brown calmly clears away the remaining red tones and everything else and is back in front!

Ronnie replies at 17, but if he makes a thin cut on a black left-hander while applying the heavy side, he doesn’t get through the shot enough, and he falls briefly to the bottom right from which Jordan puts a fiendish snooker behind that Green O’Sullivan misses his first try before sending a savage slap straight into pink and sending reds everywhere Brown is in and has a big chance to regain the lead He adds 16 but loses his position and has to play it safe again

Jordan sweeps at the beginning of the 13th Frames in a lonely red and later stepping into reality for the first good scoring chance He makes 25 before he has to play it safe, and it’s a bad one – he hits the white full ball in the blue and has O ‘ Sullivan given a chance

Both players miss chances on the green before Brown pokes it in the center left. Brown follows too, followed by a snooker that forces O’Sullivan to take a brave hold from Jordan just before the break, and when we return in 15 minutes, it’s best of five for the Welsh Open title

Brown gets another red down, but then misses one in the yellow bag after a punch and Ronnie’s hope of escaping a snooker.It sits over the bag for Ronnie and he quickly erases the last four shades of red with high quality colors before deciding on the yellow It’s the colors that are needed to get a crucial frame. He can’t get on the green well after potting the yellow and plays a snooker; Jordan hits the blue as he tries to escape and he is reinstated.He connects on the second try but serves it in the top right and Ronnie missed! That’s a huge 25 points

A chance for Brown to seal it while Ronnie leaves a red in the right center in which it goes, followed by the brown and then a glorious red from the center of the pack to the bottom left but he’s over the border with the white stepped back and snooker behind the green Ronnie gives up eight fouls before connecting with one of the five remaining Reds and safely knocking him

A brilliant recovery pot in the red to center right sustains Brown’s hiatus after his split on the pack didn’t produce great results.He missed a difficult blues in the green pocket with the rest, and O’Sullivan has a chance to counter, but can only take red-blue before he has to play it safe

It’s been a tough hour for Brown, but he’s picking out a nice plant at the beginning of the twelfth, followed by a straight brown in the center left.He is in and around the black now and has a good chance of fighting back and getting here to improve

O’Sullivan is doing his half century to leave Jordan in need of a snooker, then slips a red into the yellow pocket to make sure his opponent doesn’t come back a total of 61 sort another rapid fire frame; For the first time, O’Sullivan is at the top of this final today

Break hits 41 and takes O’Sullivan over 50 for the frame Ronnie is spoiled for choice with the Reds and doesn’t need two awkward ones on the right side of the table to win that frame

Ronnie hits a red punch down to the right in the eleventh, which rattles violently but doesn’t fall, but Brown rattles it too, leaving O’Sullivan to clean it up with the rest.He makes 10, but a tight cut on the black below right with the rest stays in the pines and it’s a relief to Brown. In response he makes eight but after breaking the pack he’s not on any red other than a plant in the center left it doesn’t look like whether it is possible, and that turns out to be true; O’Sullivan is back and the table is at his mercy again

It goes frame ball red; It’ll be four of the last five frames that Ronnie’s way has been in the short run.He pummeled in the first mini-session of the day, but he can’t stay half-tuned while waiting for his A-game to join the party

O’Sullivan is already looking different tonight.His break is about 40, including a nice blue cut in the yellow left-handed bag

An excellent long red from O’Sullivan that runs directly down the left with the gun barrel puts him in tenth place. It’s hard work at first when pink and black are tied, but he sews some dots together with the blue / p>

Ronnie gets the yellow down and the green a few shots later.A brilliant cut on the brown in the green pocket with the rest puts him nicely on the blue, and he wipes that and pink up to create a crucial frame

Brown pulls a level in the frame before attempting a snooker from the last red O’Sullivan serves it for him, but Jordan can only pot red-blue before losing position on the yellow that’s now six huge colors / p>

Brown responds at 18 before he doesn’t get past two reds near the right pillow and has to play it safe. O’Sullivan gets a lone red, then misses a chance to cut a red and after a foul by Brown Taking control of the frame that could be a big moment since he left the frame here but Ronnie doesn’t pay for it as Brown loses his position on the pink and has to play it safe previously scratchy stuff

Ronnie is the first and empties a middle class red to get back on the table for the green A fast 32 gives him the command here and after he has divided the pack of pink that is currently on the black spot, does he have a good chance? One pot later he misses the black in the yellow pocket and there is a chance for Brown

Our MC Phil Seymour puts the players in front of Jordan needs four, Ronnie needs six Let’s get this Welsh Open final sorted out

If Jordan Brown wins this, he will win his first title on the leaderboard and join Mark Allen, Dennis Taylor and Alex Higgins on the Northern Ireland leaderboard winners list. If Ronnie can take the title, it will be his fifth Welsh Open crown that matches John Higgins’ record

Welcome back to the live coverage of the Welsh Open final. World number 81 Jordan Brown is five ninths of the way to a breathtaking surprise after beating Ronnie O’Sullivan 5-3 in the afternoon. We’re here just right to guide you to the conclusion of the tournament Players will be recruited at 7:00 p.m.

That was a fascinating session, and you suspect Ronnie O’Sullivan is happy to have only two behind him Jordan Brown looks completely nervous and responded well to O’Sullivan coming back to him to take this what could be a crucial last frame of the afternoon. He’s two frames ahead of the evening event; If he can win four more frames he’ll become the Welsh Open champion. If he can find the form he showed earlier in the week, O’Sullivan will have something to say about it

It takes a couple of bites, but Brown manages to brilliantly get rid of the last two reds, removing the last from the side rail as part of a 36 that wins the frame

Brown breaks the impasse with a long red, but can only add a yellow before the following red is missing Ronnie also gets a red down and then leaves Brown behind the yellow one.It is tense – you can feel that both players recognize how important this could be for the game as a whole – and Brown wins the advantage if O’Sullivan steps in again Brown is a light red and then a sensational long blue Chance

O’Sullivan slowly rolls a red into the green bag, but then cannot develop any more reds from the pink. The remaining seven reds are near the bottom pillow and we need to use a bit of cat and mouse before this one is worked out

Brown shortens his escape when he tries to rest on the pack but leaves only one free ball. He’s also next and has created a nice opening here. Pink and Black are currently tied up, but he can on this one Visit right back to the frame when attempting to impose a position on the black but misses an intended canon to land him on the black, and on Nov. ends the pause

O’Sullivan flips a long red in the lower left and screws back to land on the blue.This is a great shot, and in the eighth it rolls back on the 24th an attempt to split the pack out of the blue does not go according to plan, and he has nothing in front of him. Instead, he plays an excellent security to catch Jordan behind the green

It’s two tons in a row for Ronnie as he flushes the lot for a 121. Brown played brilliantly to make it 4-1, but it was thanks to O’Sullivan that he shook off a miserable start to get himself to fight back There is one frame left to play this afternoon, and it’s a huge hit

O’Sullivan’s in a tumble here; Another half a century has been in the bank and he’s walking around the table on purpose, he’s a few balls away from knocking back another

Brown far misses a red in the middle, leaving Ronnie an easy starter at the bottom right. It’s hard work early on and he’s on his way back to his chair when a red sees a red drifting to the right but almost off The lip of the pocket hooks O’Sullivan now has control of the break, and that’s a good chance

Oh, what a miss that could be; Ronnie cuts a red cut in the lower right and leaves it there for Jordan. In response, Brown can only make 14 before a loose position shot out of the blue ends his break for O’Sullivan that’s a bit of a disappointment

O’Sullivan belatedly asks referee Ben Williams what is the tournament’s highest break It is Zhao Xintong’s 143; When Ronnie asked if there wasn’t enough left to beat it, he makes a 135 to finally find his best form in the match

“It’s a little late!” – O’Sullivan leaves it too late to ask the referee an important question

Ronnie prefers to win the frame and will soon be playing for the Rosa Bah! Although understandable given the state of the game he’s home soon and hosed down in this setting, and it might be just what he needed

If you’re a fan of excitement, then you get excited; It’s six red with black now and he’s developed the pack well. O’Sullivan scored a 147 here in the final against Ding Junhui seven years ago, including perhaps the biggest shot in history when he screwed a red left-handed deep into his green pocket to return for the black one Will he go to the maxi here?

Brown misses a plant in the lower right at the start of the fifth, leaving the red above the pocket for O’Sullivan’s It’s a chance, and Ronnie could really use a one-hit frame here to stop Brown’s momentum so far, it’s three Reds and blacks

A break from 107 extends Brown’s lead He shocked Mark Selby on Friday and beat Stephen Maguire yesterday; Today he comprehensively plays the greatest player of all time

Frame Ball Red is carefully dropped into the center-right, and he’s on top of the pink. If Brown had dreamed of how he would start this final last night, it probably would have gone

It’s been half a century for Brown, whose composure has been impressive all week and stays here. A 4-1 lead seems pegged here and the momentum in this game is going to affect O’Sullivan

We’re back and a good security from Brown forces a mistake from O’Sullivan, who misjudges a take-away security and leaves Jordan red in the lower right corner. He’s gone again and survives for a moment in the heart of the mouth where the black only after wiggling in the pines at the bottom left drops It is 30 and counts until now

Great stuff from Brown reaching the pink for a 78 and the lead in the break. It was a nightmare minisession for Ronnie, a dream start for Jordan

Brown is back with a red in the center left and has a great chance of taking the front break. A blue in the center left puts him 77 in the lead with a 75, and a red in the center ensures that O’Sullivan’s not coming back to the table

A very precise pause from Brown reaches 32. The reds are spread out but not too far apart Hence, fine positional play is required to keep operations going.After another Black he gets stuck and lands a touching ball on a red rather than his intended option in the lower right. Brown plays it safe and will be annoyed for not having implemented that chance

Brown marks a long red to start the fourth, and from his subsequent snooker, O’Sullivan gives up 19 points before leaving Brown a red along the bottom cushion in which it goes, and he is in the black

Happy, happy boy! On the 59th Misses Ronnie a red, but misses it from the pines, from another red, from the right rail, and into the left center He continues to secure the frame, but my god, he had a touch there

One quick turn of the tap, and O’Sullivan has arrived at this finale. He’s rattling in barely a time in half a century, and there’s a charge open for him too

What a match it has been for Brown so far; He looked nervous early on, but he really punished a bad start from O’Sullivan.It doesn’t get any better for Ronnie right away, as he falls into a long red in the third but doesn’t land on a baulk color, but it could be now when it booms in a long red, releasing the pink and landing on a light blue

A break from 58 from Brown leaves Ronnie in need of two snookers with a red one on the table, O’Sullivan finally admits when Brown traps him in a snooker

Brown is making hay here and the Reds are well placed to win the frame on this visit. His break hits 46 with a Black in the lower left and he takes a 2-0 lead here

A fourth in-off of the day from Ronnie gives Brown a light long red, but he can’t force a position on the black. He’s back quickly, but misses a red to leave Ronnie right in the balls and the chance He’s missing a pink to the left in the center on 25 and Brown is back

, however, to have to settle into the match

Jordan grabs the yellow and puts a snooker on the green O’Sullivan concedes and Brown hits the front

This one is a bit messy Brown makes 15 but loses the position before getting back in after a bad safety from Ronnie. An excellent shot on the yellow gets him well into the final, frame ball red and he drills him in the lower left after that if he misses the pink and with a snooker O’Sullivan will continue to play

A monstrous kick on a red center left leaves O’Sullivan a difficult blue to green pocket with the rest, and he missed it, but Brown can’t take advantage of this and is missing a relatively simple red in the lower right he is seeing so far looks a little nervous, but returns to the table when O’Sullivan gets back in. After an exchange of security shots, Ronnie sends the white man for the third time and he gave Brown a simple starter

There is a chance for Brown if O’Sullivan goes into the start but he cannot convert red to the lower left area and he leaves O’Sullivan in the game a break of 14 ends when he splits the reds, but snookert on his intended next shot through the exchanged pink, but he’s back right after Brown double-kissed a red while trying to be on the safe side

O’Sullivan misses his first attempt with a long red so Brown can put a red in the green pocket with the rest of the time He makes 16, but doesn’t get high enough with a positional shot on black and has to play it safe

Our announcer Phil Seymour introduces the players before Jordan joins two tribes, Ronnie in Drops of Jupiter A few pictures with the Trohpy later and it’s Jordan Brown breaking Best of 17 for the Welsh Open title, then let’s go get started

Angle and wind here, how Brown could do it today

Against the greatest of all time is world number 81 Jordan Brown He had quite a lot so far in 2021 A few weeks ago he reached the quarterfinals of the German Masters, his best race in a ranking so far, and this week he sent Mark Selby at the Celtic Manor into a dramatic quarter-finals that went to the final, he backed that up by flattening Stephen Maguire 6-1 to make it to the final So he’s a player in good shape

Ronnie O’Sullivan comes into this final in brilliant form at Celtic Manor, this week he has won 21 of the 23 frames he contested after finding the form that brought him back to the world title last August when he can win here today, he will take his fifth Welsh Open title, which is John Higgins’ record in this event

Snooker wasn’t invented in Wales, but the nation left the game indelibly. They gave us two of the greats in Ray Reardon and Mark Williams; a world champion on his Crucible debut in Terry Griffiths; Triple Crown winners in Matthew Stevens and the late Doug Mountjoy, and Ranking Event winners Dominic Dale, Ryan Day and Michael White

But Wales not only graces the game with great players. Every year when the last winter rush hits, they host the Welsh Open Spending an event that has become one of the blue chip tournaments outside of the Triple Crown If you don’t believe me, check out this appeal from former winners: Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins, Mark Williams, Ken Doherty, Paul Hunter, Mark Selby, Neil Robertson, Shaun Murphy, Ding Junhui

It Matters The other Home Nations Series titles in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland may offer the same money but not the same stamp of approval Win This And You Really Won Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jordan Brown will be on soon Be start to clear the title by 2021

Despite the broad nature of his semi-final win, O’Sullivan had mixed feelings about his performance against Mark Williams, however, he feels that if he plays well he “can do some damage,” he added that he won’t be distracted by his status as a strong favorite for the match between the two

Brown ranks 81st Platz and O’Sullivan is the current world champion Anything other than an outright win would be a surprise to the watchers but he has been reluctant to look too far beyond his own game but added that he feels when he is playing well , “can do some harm”

Speaking to Andy Goldstein and Jimmy White from Eurosport after the game, 45-year-old O’Sullivan had mixed feelings about his current form

“I didn’t feel like I reported myself like I was in Milton Keynes and the first few games of last week, but the new grip allows me to place some really good strokes, which puts my game in control of that Game has table instead of just mediocre stuff, ”he explained

Despite his sweeping victory, O’Sullivan pointed out that he felt unable to go on for more than a century

“I was just playing the balls. If I could have knocked six, seven tons, I would have chosen it,” he said

“But there were times when I didn’t look great and missed a couple of times I was able to hammer my advantage home

On Saturday, Jordan Brown won brilliantly after beating Stephen Maguire in the semifinals of the Welsh Open that afternoon

Ronnie O’Sullivan was in great shape when he beat Mark Williams 6-1 in the semifinals of the Welsh Open

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