Who knew Trevor Noah could be so entertaining as Margot Robbie in a bathtub talking about the stock market ?!

Who would have thought that Trevor Noah as Margot Robbie could be so entertaining in a bathtub talking about the stock market ?!

There was an ongoing online debate about ‘Game Stop’ and its value after a group of amateurs from the Wall Street Bets Reddit group bought a large number of shares in the video game retailer

This was the record and unprecedented surge in stock prices that resulted in huge gains for buyers and devastating losses for a number of hedge funds Lots of people scratched their heads trying to find out how this happened

A film of course! Insert “The Big Short”, a film about the 2015 Wall Street financial drama that also inspired the film “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Social media users were furious with a recreation of a scene from ‘The Big Short’ starring Trevor Noah

In the original scene starring actress Margot Robbie, she explains the financial terms while sipping champagne in a bubble bath, in a clip shared on Noah’s show ‘The Daily Show’ on Twitter, the gives the Comedian his best explanation for the entire saga in the parodied scene

@TheDailyShow couldn’t get Margot Robbie to explain the Reddit and GameStop situation, but found the next best one https: // tco / rCZ6tzsxYhpicTwittercom / SpDpXAw35R

In the hilarious clip, Noah’s head is cut on the clip of Robbie in the bathtub, with the South African comedian adding his best Australian accent as he tries to explain in the simplest possible way what happened at ‘Game Stop’. p>

The video was widely acclaimed online by viewers who said the scene was not only “funny” but “actually a helpful explainer”

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We’re still confused about this ourselves, but we’re sure Trevor is funny!

Margot Robbie

World news – FI – Trevor Noah got us hysterical again!

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