â ???? We are all very happy We have waited a long time for this moment Today we played a great game against a good team It was a good fight, but we deserved to win. You don’t just play a final, you have to win it So let’s be readyâ ????

Spurs are in the final of the Carabao Cup, where they face the winner of the semi-final between Manchester City or Manchester United on Wednesday.Jose Mourinho’s team controlled most of this game and won thanks to goals from Sissoko and Son, but it would have been a lot more interesting if Toney hadn’t allowed compensation for a very tight offside from VAR Sure and obviously it wasn’t Dasilva’s late red card wasn’t that controversial

90 min: Brentford’s chance for consolation disappears when Henry sends a whirling shot over the crossbar from 16 meters

84 min: After the referee consults the evidence on the scree at the edge of the field, Dasilva is sent off for walking over the ball and catching Hojbjerg in the shin, so he can’t argue whether it was intended or not gives a long cut on Hojbjerg’s shin that is very, very angry

80 min: A sign of Brentford’s desperation: Jensen tries to contain you from 35 meters away. Sanchz prevents it from reaching the crate at all

78 min: Hojbjerg has lost possession near his own box, but Harry Kane of all people is back to help

76 min: Spurs want to bury Brentford Kane feeds Son, who sweeps the ball far to Ndombele, who tries his way into the penalty area From a difficult angle he smashes the ball over the near post

74 min: Raya denies Kane after a more loose defense Then Brentford races down the other end and one of the newcomers, Fosu, forces Sanchez to parry a shot

73 min: Beck Sorensen gets sloppy in the back and is lucky that Son doesn’t steal the ball and goes looking for a third goal for Spurs

Now Spurs have extended their lead! Kane put the ball on Ndombele, who had burst out of midfield, and then slid a perfect pass to Son, who darted onto the ball from below. Son shoots 16 meters high into the net

66 min: That was a reminder of Spurs – who shouldn’t need one after the recent events – of the danger of not building a lead by one goal.You can think about it now while Aurier is being treated after apparently he was at one Has injured duel with Jensen

It was ruled out for a very close offside position Spurs’ trouble started at a corner that reached Pinnock behind the back post. He nodded towards the goal, Lloris half scratched it away and Toney tossed it over the line from close range. But he did Apparently stood millimeter by millimeter

62 min: Mbeumo throws a mighty throw into the Tottenham box, Sissoko tries to cope, but switches him to a Reguilon instead, surprised, it seems for a corner

59 min: Here Aurier hits a long diagonal, who feeds Sissoko on the edge of the area. Sissoko drives to the line and then clips a cross on Son, who is free 16 meters away. Son tries to steer a volley into the lower corner but fails around a yard

57 min: Jensen’s free kick into the Spurs box goes away Spurs continue to suppress their opponents

52 min: Mbeumo booked to catch Reguilon after stretching to reach the ball after running away from him and it’s a free kick for Spurs on the edge of the area Kane hits it right into the wall

50 min: Aurier flies forward to support Lucas and then fetches a passage from the Brazilian on the underlap. Then he whips a shot that is a few meters wide

49 min: Mbeumo evades Sanchez at the bottom right and cuts into the penalty area He pulls it back for Toney from the sideline. But Aurier has read the danger and throws himself in front of Toney’s shot to make a huge block!

48 min: Canos holds Lucas back and then takes him down. The referee calls Brentford’s captain Dalsgaard to explain that Canos will get a second yellow if he continues

47 min: Jensen spreads Canos on the right side, the playwoman Canos carries it in the infield and then wraps himself around his shot from 25 meters Sanchez stands in his way

46 min: Let’s go again Can Brentford do something differently? They will have to because Mourinho’s men will not change as long as they are in charge

“???? That” ???? old-school “???? The Salford booth can still be seen on many juniors and indeed on some seniors in the lower division of Scotland writes Simon McMahon “I hope when it was demolished, did Paul Scholes rebuild it brick by brick in his garden?”
It has been a job Spurs has done efficiently so far thanks to a smart header from Sissoko and sloppy defense, they got an early boy and they have done the game pretty well since then, working hard and harmoniously, Brentford at a distance To hold Brentford has to come up with something special to come back to

43 min: Brentford passes well halfway, but the Spurs are solid and don’t allow them any openings

40 min: Son’s corner is hit by Moura and Toney on the near post and turns and bounces towards the back corner of the net! Raya reacts quickly to the stepping back and pushes it away, preventing his team from going 2-0 down

38 min: Danger! Canos rings a cross from the Let Dier takes critical intervention to prevent Toney from reaching the end but his header falls on Dasilva on the edge of the box and Son attacks to block the forward’s powerful shot

35 min: Sweet teamwork from Brentford, then Mbeumo cuts a pass towards Toney near the penalty area.Despite the pressure from Sanchez, the striker manages to bond with a header but cannot muster enough strength to to disturb Lloris

33 min: Brentford continues to progressively pass – until they approach the third Tottenham, where they cannot find a way

30 min: That’s better from Spurs. They put Brentford back and look for openings. Son and Reguilon have both pushed off crosses before Sissoko floats to the rear post. Brentford holds on and finally clears

27 min: Harry Kane has played nine semifinals in his career so far and has scored two goals.He has been very little involved to this day. In fact, Spurs have shrunk as an attacking force in the last few minutes negative tendency that has cost them in the Premier League lately

25 min: Brentford seems to have digested the concession of the early goal and is now starting to gain momentum as they seek an equalizer. But Lloris irritates them by venturing to the penalty spot to catch the ball from a corner / p>

23 min: Reguilon brings down Mbeumo, who caused a lot of problems for the full-back The free kick is near the right sideline halfway within Spurs territory Jensen sends it to the back post Pinnock jumps well to it but cannot point his header at the target from 15 yards

20 min: Ndombele can go on happily James Poole (of Hartley & Poole) scored a miracle goal from the center line in the FA Cup for Salford City a few years ago when they were still in the Northern Premier League recalls Andrew It’s worth a look just for the brilliant old school booth that was later demolisheda ????

17 min: Brentford kicks the ball out of play so Ndombele can be treated. He lies in the center circle, clutching his ankle after a late duel from Janelt, who receives a well-deserved booking

14 min: True to their pre-game word, Spurs don’t try to sit at the top. On the contrary, they try to double it right away, Raya thwarts them this time and dives to his left to turn Son’s crooked foot from the edge of the area / p>

Spurs open the scoring of their first dangerous attack! Brentford will be disgusted with their own defense. Reguilon’s cross from the left was beautiful, but Sissoko had plenty of time and space between the two center-backs – and he used it flawlessly, putting a header from 10 meters behind the goalkeeper into the corner of the goal p>

9 min: Jensen flies a free kick from 10 meters inside the Spurs half in the direction of the left side of the area Pinnock heads it over the gate, but Spurs clears and Ndombele overhead kicks it to safety

7 min: There is no evidence that Brentford is freezing or overwhelmed by this opportunity. They are very smart and lively and so far give as best they can

5 min: Dasilva throws himself on a loose pas from Aurier and dribbles past two into the Spurs area. But when the ball runs away from him, Sanchez hits him from him and he bounces into Lloris’s arms

4 min: Mbeumo gets the wrong side of Reguilon and rolls over an inviting cross. But Sanchez is well positioned to get by

3 min: It was a confident start from Spurs, with all of the key players getting useful touches, Ndombele plays an especially nice pass to Son who passes it on to Reguilon who wins a corner It’s easy to sort out

1 minute: Brentford started the semi-finals by kicking the ball straight back to his goalkeeper, who pushed it into the field

The players march down the tunnel and on to the pitch without applause or applause. Spurs wear the usual colors of white shirts and dark blue knickers, while Brentford wears a dark gray number with red stockings

“White and Hart, who are on the bench tonight, are with Arsene who runs Arsenal, but Hartley and Poole, who once played for Hartlepool, can never be beaten,” explains Antony Wilson, who may have forgotten that Wolfsburg was previously run by Wolfgang Wolf

“With White and Hart on the bench for Spurs, couldn’t Jose have laughed and asked Kane to put his feet up too?” writes Risha Mohyeddin with a chuckle

First, he reveals that Pontus Jansson would have been selected but is suffering from a minor injury. He also says the fact that this tie will be played over one leg rather than the usual two increases the chances that Brentford will be in first semi-finals cause excitement “We all know it’s not an everyday game, but we’re looking forward to it”Let’s try to attack, do our best and see what happens. Everyone knows Tottenham are big favorites and a better team than us name for name, but the fact that it’s just a game helps usâ ????

Moussa Sissoko has spoken to Sky Sports and reveals Jose Mourinho’s instructions, which apparently really include, “Don’t sit back”: he told us we should take this team seriously because they are very good opponents and at the Championship does very well Everyone wants to be in the final so it’s going to be a big battle Let’s do whatever we can to go through Be strong defensively and when you got the ball go forward Don’t sit back and don’t waitâ ????

Hello Spurs haven’t won a major trophy in 13 years and it would mean a lot to you and José Mourinho to have one in the cabinet as soon as possible. Brentford doesn’t even need a cabinet (although, as Richard Foster points out here, it was 1942 won the London War Cup, which you can’t smell) Now both clubs have a chance to end long waits or at least hit one Manchester club in the Carabao Cup final Spurs are the obvious favorites but that doesn’t mean anything to Brentford who has already ousted four Premier League clubs to get that far

This is the first game of the year in Brentford as the tournament against Bristol City was postponed last weekend due to Covid-19.They have a full squad, with the exception of the injured Christian Norgaard Spurs without multiple players including Matt Doherty , Giovani Lo Celso and Erik Lamela But they have a big roster and no credible excuses It’s up to

Tottenham – Brentford

World news – FI – Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Brentford: Carabao Cup semi-finals – how it happened

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