Cruise returns to the Top Gun franchise for the first time in over 30 years in Top Gun: Maverick The thrilling story of the Maverick title is slated to continue to the big screens this July, but all eyes are on it now Judged whether the studio will stream them instead, Tenet is strongly warning film distributors as the film hit theaters in the summer of 2020 and didn’t do as spectacularly as expected after Tenet’s poor response, some distributors pushed their films to stream instead of theaters in the year In 2020, Disney moved two of its biggest releases, Mulan and Soul, to Disney Plus.Similarly, Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman premiered in 1984 on HBO Max in the US rather than theaters, and other superhero films may follow suit, with the latest rumors that the upcoming Marvel movie Black Widow could be postponed from its May release date

With the coronavirus vaccine now being given globally, the film company has explained how this could mark the beginning of a return to normal cinema

Chris Aronson, Paramount Sales Director, stated, “I think the next two months will be crucial and whether the new government can implement a robust vaccination schedule

“If Biden’s 100 million vaccines work in 100 days, I think we’re in good shape”

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Aronson added in the statement: “We have no plans to postpone our theatrical release of Top Gun”

This means that the film is currently scheduled for March 2 July 2021 to continue the Maverick story and introduce Rooster, son of Maverick’s late partner Goose

In an interview with Empire Magazine about Top Gun: Maverick last year, Cruise explained why he agreed to re-join the project so long after it was first published in 1986

He said, “We just started talking and I realized that there are things that we can achieve cinematically

“And I began to enjoy this great challenge:” How do we do it? “So I said to Jerry,” I’ll do it when “which means I’m not going to do the CGI stuff

“I said to the studio:” You don’t know how difficult this film is going to be. Nobody has done that before “”

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Cruise added, “There’s never been an aerial sequence shot this way I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen again to be honest”

The 58-year-old actor didn’t exaggerate when the series newcomer Miles Teller was quoted as saying, “There’s no green screen in a Top Gun movie. Every shot, every stunt was the result of work, real sweat, that we all put in ”

He added, “It took a full year to produce, which was definitely the longest shoot I’ve ever been on”

The 33-year-old later stated, “I had about three months of flight training before I started the film”

Teller continued, “This time was important to get used to the craft, but also to improve our G-Force tolerance as all of the air elements were practically shot”

Incredibly, Teller added, “Right off the bat, I was flying this damn plane myself with The Patriots in formation, with three other planes that just felt crazy”

He said, “I got out of the vehicle and said, ‘Guys, we just met, there is no way you should trust me that much” I wouldn’t have trusted myself “

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